I Love You – Now Change!

Have you noticed how we hold celebrities and spiritual leaders to a higher standard than others? We can be quick to criticize the conduct of people we hold in high esteem if what they do or say doesn’t fit the pictures we’ve created of them.

For example, if celebrity couples separate or divorce the gossip rags go crazy, citing the events as yet another example of how famous people can’t manage relationships well – as if the general public can cast the first stone or look to their own record as evidence they can!

As a writer and speaker I get messages and comments on my blog and Facebook pages that are not just critical, but actually angry explanations of how I’ve somehow betrayed the trust of my readers by admitting something has pissed me off. One ministerial colleague recently exclaimed, “Is THAT the way a TRUE minister of Religious Science should act/talk/write?”really-seth-and-amy

Admittedly, I swear more than some people think I should, though considerably less than I used to. Others believe a profane word should never be heard from me because I’m supposed to be “spiritual,” which I am and they are, no matter what they think. I’ve even been told I shouldn’t use contractions in my writing and blogging, because that’s not professional – although my judicious use of the Oxford comma is LEGENDARY, if I must say so myself!

Further, even though the New Thought philosophies in which I believe and teach embrace the love in all faiths and philosophies, my experience in and practice of pagan arts and traditions make even some of my closest friends and family suspect, squeamish or uncomfortable.

None of this is my problem.

The fact that some individuals, colleagues and even friends are taken aback or critical of how I live my life is their issue, not mine. You know how this works; it’s the same way you rub some people the wrong way when you act like you do, simply being “you.” I certainly don’t expect you to censure your magnificence and I’ll be damned if I will either.

We are living in one of the most – not if the THE most – exciting, innovative and, at the same time, potentially terrifying times in human history. The exponential explosion of technology has advanced far beyond what our brains have evolved to handle. Yet within that same technology lie answers to problems which have plagued civilization for centuries, even though that same science raises as many questions as it answers.

This can be scary, so the uneducated and timid who are experts in playing the victim look to others to be more than they think they themselves can be. New flash:  The people we idolize and think never have problems DO have challenges and also look up to others. Those esteemed leaders go through many of the same doubts that we do.

The difference in being a leader – whether it’s of a corporation, a spiritual community or our family – is that we don’t give up. We acknowledge our mistakes, make course corrections and move on. But the truth – whether you think you’re a leader or not which, by the way, you are! – is that we must be the authentic, real and unabashedly unique individuals we are no matter what. To do any less is robbing ourselves and everyone else of our true expression of life.

We also accept each other for who we are, not for who we want each other to be. I stand by this quote that I first penned over two decades ago:

You cannot have a relationship with someone’s potential.

This also means that we may not be everyone’s cup of tea. If that’s the case, best to allow those relationships and connections to dissolve organically. We might need to burn a bridge or slam a door or two; if we’re absolutely sure that’s what needs to happen then so be it.

So why do we cling to that and who which no longer serves our vision of life by encouraging us, uplifting us and loving us, particularly when we’re trying so hard to be there for them? Because the other side of that equation is that while we’re “working on someone else” or trying to get them to change, the work we ought to be doing on ourselves goes right in the toilet.

It’s time once again that we all stepped back from the world around us, looked in the mirror just one more time, and figured out what we have to give to the world, as well as what we want out of life. Don’t you deserve to have a life worth living with people around you who celebrate YOU?!?

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


Terry Drew Karanen © 2016

Are You Missing Out?

Do you like to “people watch?” Considering the amount of time I spend in airport terminals for my “day job” it’s become a major pastime for me.

I was having breakfast in Miami International Airport this week with a view to the terminal concourse. Many of the passengers, airport employees, TSA agents and flight crews were all doing the same thing:  Walking by with their noses buried in a mobile device.

There was little if any interaction with other people around them. Sadly, they were missing so much! There was a latina woman struggling with a toddler who was determined to walk, NOT be carried. He won. An amazing woman in skin-tight blue jeans with multi-colored patches, sporting purple hair, and toting an outrageous handbag that would have made Mary Poppins jealous, nearly got run over by a courtesy cart.phone_2799032b

One young man nearly fell into a recycling bin cruising a hunk in a muscle shirt who was scratching himself. (Grandma Esther always used to tell me that in public “you should never scratch where it itches; scratch where it looks good.”) A Muslim couple stopped an African American TSA agent for directions and was greeted with a smile, graciousness and apparently received whatever it was they were asking for.

None of this is earth-shattering. But it was a slice of humanity, an interaction with human communication and quite entertaining. We can be so afraid of missing out on what everyone’s doing through being addicted to social media that we miss out on our own lives.

The question I pose to you is this:  Are you missing out? We’ve all been glued to our mobile devices or 24-hour cable news so we don’t miss out on the important stuff. But how important is that picture of someone’s dinner?

Our society has become more informed than ever before, yet at the same time less intimately connected with our friends and loved ones. Today people meet, date and breakup via text messaging. Don’t tell me that we aren’t marginalizing our intimate behavior and emotional consequences by hiding behind a touch screen.

How interested are you in your own life and what’s right in front of you? It’s an interesting question and it begs an answer that must include being more mindful of our surroundings, living in the moment and appreciating the life we have.

Not a sermon, just a thought.

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


Terry Drew Karanen © 2016


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Description:  We can be so afraid of missing out on what everyone’s doing that we miss out on our own lives.

Do You Want to Be Alone?

Theme for the week of April 11:
You Cannot Disconnect From Life

We see a world in which we live and grow as One Global Family
that respects and honors the interconnectedness of all life.

Do you ever want to get away from it all? As complicated as our modern lives can get at times it’s no wonder if you do. We all deserve a break from the daily grind. Or not! We could talk about when we let ourselves get into jobs or lives that are a grind, but that’s not our topic.

11Apparently, Greta Garbo has been mis-quoted for decades – that happens a lot more than we’d like to admit! She didn’t say she wanted to be alone; she said she wanted to be let alone. There IS a difference!

I once heard a saying, “Wherever you go there you are.” In other words, we can't run away from our problems, at least not for very lone. The same is true if we try to completely disconnect from life. It’s not possible. Sure we can go camping for the weekend in the woods, or go completely off the grid, but we are still interconnected with all life around us.

To some that might feel like we can never be alone with our thoughts. To others it might be a comfort to know we always have the support and energy of others with us. How do you feel about it?

It can be exhausting if we think we have to do it all, go it alone or tough it out. As long as we can get our ego to suspend judgment, asking for help or working with others provides something that we all crave on one level – connection. The physical, social, philosophical and sexual connections we experience nurture and sustain us as we move through our spiritual experience in our human forms.

Over the next week on the Facebook® page of Spirit, Mind and Body Foundation we’ll be discussing how to increase our awareness of the interconnectedness of all life. And, we’ll look at new ways of using our connections to have truly amazing lives. Join us!

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


Is the World Getting You Down?

Theme for the Week of March 21, 2016
Don’t Bring Me Down:  The challenges of group consciousness

“We believe in control of conditions through the power of this Mind.” – Ernest Holmes

Have you had just about enough of the 2016 U.S. presidential campaigning yet? Personally, I can’t get enough of it. HUH?

Perhaps you are troubled by the rhetoric from nearly all candidates, misleading ads and a particularly ugly brand of violence witnessed at some rallies. But we have an opportunity – here or abroad – to experience a shift in consciousness never before seen on the planet. That’s exciting! Why?

Because we are witnessing how easily humans can be manipulated. We get to choose whether we will jump in the mud along with the masses. We have the chance to close our ears to challenges to our beliefs, ideologies and candidates, or we can decide to listen to objections with an open mind and heart.21A

The more adamant we are that we must be right the more we have the chance to step back and ask ourselves why that is so. Our beliefs, our way of life, our faith itself must be able to stand up to the test of fire. If we must shield our beliefs from those different than ours or require everyone to agree with us then we are not nearly as confident as we think we are.

Over the next week we’ll be exploring how we have choice in how we are affected by the consciousness of our family and friends, our spiritual communities, our lovers, our nation and the world. Those concepts will be developed over at the Facebook page for Spirit, Mind and Body Foundation.

In the meantime, ponder the quote above by Science of Mind® founder, Dr. Ernest S. Holmes. We CAN control our conditions through the power of universal Mind. The key to doing that and understanding how it’s done is knowing that it starts with our attitude about conditions around us, not dictating the actions of others. Sound interesting? Come on over for the discussions!

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,



Creating Your Perfect Relationship

Are you happy with the relationships in your life? Or, do you crave to have different relationships than the ones you have? There are ways to expand our scope of associations and enrich the ones we already possess. One way is by practicing the concept that we are all truly “one.”

Even with over seven billion people now roaming our planet, we are all basically the same. Yes, our skin or hair vary in tone or color; but none of that matters should we require a blood transfusion as long as the blood types match. We are all the same species. But what has that to do with our daily lives?

If we are one then we understand that what we do affects those around us in more profound ways than ever before. While we have freedom of choice there are also consequences in the form of outcomes or effects precipitated by those choices. Think about in the past how destruction of complex ecosystems has had catastrophic effects not only on a specific area and  beyond; and, far too often in disastrous ways never even considered.

“We see all people,
all beings,
and all life
as expressions of God.”

The same is true for us. For example, we may want more physical affection from a partner; but when that desire is not immediately fulfilled we could become morose or spiteful. Neither reaction promotes a successful move toward bliss! Those ego-based reactions, whether or not we believe it, have an effect on others. Oneness

Would we treat ourselves the same way? If we split a fingernail or cut ourselves shaving would we become so enraged with ourselves that we would cut off a finger or slash our throat without understanding the outcome? Of course not, yet we are far more willing to express our emotions inappropriately (or hold them inside) when others are involved, and then later wonder why we don’t have the peace, love, joy and bliss in our lives.

What would happen this week if you saw everyone with whom you interacted as an extension of yourself? Would the hugs you desire come more easily from another if you initiated a caress or two? How would your experience be with the surly clerk at the store or bank if you treated them as your beloved?

There’s only one planet at present upon which we can live and thrive. By seeking to interact with love and support we make way for the peace and happiness we crave.

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


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