Why Bother?

Ever ask yourself that question? Perhaps you’ve tried relationship after relationship, but nothing seems to have any longevity. Maybe you’ve tried for years to please a relative or mate without success. You may have some examples of your own.

It can seem so hopeless, so frustrating.Blog

Why bother? Why bother, indeed!

I’ll tell you why. Because you matter. You deserve to be magnificent. You deserve to have fulfilling relationships, a great career or retirement pursuits, exceptional health and all the money you can spend, share and save.

And that’s why we bother. We bother to find out what is really motivating us to do the things we do. Our actions, goals and desire must not be based solely or primarily on pleasing others. We must decide what our purpose is in life, what enriches our soul and tickles our fancy.

If we can do that we won’t find ourselves frustrated by the actions or lack of actions of others. While we’re bothering to be our brilliant, unique selves, we’ll draw those people, places and things into our sphere for which we’ve been searching. We’ll be there not only to love and support them, but also to enjoy the pleasure of being loved, supported and enriched by their unique gifts as well.

Are you willing to bother with YOUR happiness as much as you may be doing for others? Give it some thought!

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,




There is Power in Disempowerment

Do feel like you live from a place of power, meaning you feel empowered in your life, the decisions you make and the direction of your life? My friend and colleague, the well-known prosperity speaker and Unity minister, Rev. Edwene Gaines, introduces herself as a “woman of power.” That rubs some people the wrong way and Edwene couldn’t give a rat’s patooty about it.

It seems society teaches us to vie for power and then criticizes those who pursue it, particularly if that person is female, LGBTQ or non-white. But this is especially true for women of power. Men are extolled for their achievement of power, regardless of whether or not they use that power wisely or as a trump card for being a ruthless, uncaring and callous bully. But if women wield power they are considered ball-busting bitches. Yeah, I’m a feminist if you haven’t already gathered it. But I digress…Blog

The question is not about how inconsistent society is in the way it glorifies and at the same time disdains power. Victims of violent crimes, particularly rape and long-term abuse, are encouraged to take back their power. This process is not only cathartic, but also tremendously effective in advancing the healing process. This is one example of when the gaining and building of our power is life-giving and a positive action.

Here’s a question we can each ask ourselves:  Is there a time when we should let go of power to, in effect, disempower ourselves? Is there a place in this time of modern technology that allows us to be in control – empowered – in so many aspects of our life to simply be powerless? I believe there is and here’s how it looks.

Disempowering areas of our lives doesn’t mean we have given up or failed. Disempowerment is not about playing the victim or the martyr. What it IS about is choice. Have you allowed other people or society to decide for you where YOU need to be empowered? Do you notice if you have fallen into the media, advertising and marketing trap of needing the right car, perfect career, trophy mate or best clothes to feel empowered?

Nothing you see advertised – with VERY few exceptions – is being thrown at you with your best interests in mind. Rather, the push to buy, lease or otherwise obtain the stuff being puked up at us all over social and other media is to benefit the promoter of the items. That’s not to say manufacturers, artists and inventors shouldn’t be paid well for the products they produce. They should. It is, however, to say that we don’t need what they sell to achieve and enjoy the true power we seek.

Take some time this week to see where you’ve pushed for power or empowerment in areas of your life that leaves you with the sense of, “What in the hell am I doing this for?!?” Then, disempower THOSE actions and take back the power of choice in your own life to create a life truly worth living!

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


Terry Drew Karanen © 2016





Are You Missing Out?

Do you like to “people watch?” Considering the amount of time I spend in airport terminals for my “day job” it’s become a major pastime for me.

I was having breakfast in Miami International Airport this week with a view to the terminal concourse. Many of the passengers, airport employees, TSA agents and flight crews were all doing the same thing:  Walking by with their noses buried in a mobile device.

There was little if any interaction with other people around them. Sadly, they were missing so much! There was a latina woman struggling with a toddler who was determined to walk, NOT be carried. He won. An amazing woman in skin-tight blue jeans with multi-colored patches, sporting purple hair, and toting an outrageous handbag that would have made Mary Poppins jealous, nearly got run over by a courtesy cart.phone_2799032b

One young man nearly fell into a recycling bin cruising a hunk in a muscle shirt who was scratching himself. (Grandma Esther always used to tell me that in public “you should never scratch where it itches; scratch where it looks good.”) A Muslim couple stopped an African American TSA agent for directions and was greeted with a smile, graciousness and apparently received whatever it was they were asking for.

None of this is earth-shattering. But it was a slice of humanity, an interaction with human communication and quite entertaining. We can be so afraid of missing out on what everyone’s doing through being addicted to social media that we miss out on our own lives.

The question I pose to you is this:  Are you missing out? We’ve all been glued to our mobile devices or 24-hour cable news so we don’t miss out on the important stuff. But how important is that picture of someone’s dinner?

Our society has become more informed than ever before, yet at the same time less intimately connected with our friends and loved ones. Today people meet, date and breakup via text messaging. Don’t tell me that we aren’t marginalizing our intimate behavior and emotional consequences by hiding behind a touch screen.

How interested are you in your own life and what’s right in front of you? It’s an interesting question and it begs an answer that must include being more mindful of our surroundings, living in the moment and appreciating the life we have.

Not a sermon, just a thought.

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


Terry Drew Karanen © 2016


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Description:  We can be so afraid of missing out on what everyone’s doing that we miss out on our own lives.

Got Problems?

Okay, so first of all, the graphic here is a kinda true! Ernest Holmes taught us that our reality is a real as we need it to be. The question here is how "real" do we want our problems to be?

Do you have problems? “OH NO!!!” screams the metaphysician in horror. “We NEVER have problems! We have ‘challenges’ or ‘opportunities,’ but NEVER problems! That’s so NEGATIVE!”

Reality check. We in New Thought and metaphysics need to realize how afraid some in our movement have become of this little word. What IS a “problem” anyway?

9 BlogWhile we may avoid them or try to admit they don’t exist, problems pop up and ignoring them can be disastrous. Here’s the skinny on “problem,” according to the Oxford Dictionary:

A matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome, or an inquiry starting from given conditions to investigate or demonstrate a fact, result, or law.

It’s not the end of the world and having one doesn’t mean someone takes away your minister, practitioner or spiritual counseling license. Lighten up, folks! We didn’t choose to float on pink clouds and giggle all day. We chose to live in the corporeal realm here on a planet with exquisite joys and annoying pains. There are now more than seven billion other spirits having a spiritual experience on earth and it’s gonna get messy at times!

Don’t be afraid of the word “problem.” It doesn’t mean half of what some people would like you to believe. Other words that can be used are difficulty, trouble, worry or complication if you’re that terrified of a seven-letter word. And, it can also be a challenge as well as an opportunity.

But to tell someone, with a giddy smile on our face, so excited that we’re about to wet ourselves, who’s just been given a diagnosis of stage 5 cancer, or who’s just found out their house burned down, that they have an “opportunity for growth” is just plain wrong.

It’s unloving.

It’s unkind.

And, it’s cruel.

This is NOT the way to enhance The Global Vision:  A World That Works for Everyone. So what can we do? Love them. Support them. Refrain from sympathy and exercise empathy. Be there for them.

And above all, pray with them to know the Truth. This week’s theme is, “Communion With God.” While prayer is one of the ways we can do this, there are numerous other ways as well. Some of these other methods will be of interest to those reading who are agnostic or atheist, as there’s virtually no reason to commune with an entity one thinks doesn’t care or who doesn’t exist.

Throughout the week over at the Facebook® page for Spirit, Mind and Body Foundation we’ll be looking at embracing spiritual guidance – both guidance from what appears outside us as well as what is already available in our own consciousness.

Returning to our topic here about problems:  Do you have any? Probably. We all have situations in our lives that we’d rather not tackle. Often those issues are brought about through means that seem totally out of our control. Either way, there’s a fool-proof way to handle them.

  • Acknowledge the problem.
  • Approach the situation like a medical triage unit – figure out what MUST be done right away, what SHOULD be done and what COULD be done.
  • Do what MUST be done.
  • Delegate authority and/or responsibility for what someone else could do for you.
  • Get professional or experienced help if you need it.

We don’t have to tough it out when stuff happens and it’s going to. Like everything else, however, how we deal with the problem will determine whether it gets resolved quickly and easily, or whether it gets morphed into a huge issue that could affect our health, wealth and well-being.

Like with everything else in life, the choice is ours. How will you choose to handle your next problem?

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


Your Personal Experience

Theme for the Week of March 7:
A Personal Experience of the Divine

“We believe that God is personal to all who feel this Indwelling Presence.”
– Ernest Holmes

Does the theme and quote for this week resonate with you? Or, does it sound like some kind of metaphysical psychobabble spoken by someone who appears more in tune with their pot dealer than reality?

Drastic contrasts, perhaps, but I don’t think my examples are far off. It used to bother me that I lived a life so different than most people. I’ve spent many years studying various spiritual beliefs. It’s allowed me to develop a sense of peace that allows me to accept my path, usually ignoring people who choose not to inquire as deeply of life as I feel I must.

Many years ago I took quite literally the words of Jesus of Nazareth when he was quoted as saying his followers should exist in the world as we know it, but not be part of it. It’s a wise – a very wise – piece of advice.

Now, especially, people are glued to their mobile devices, the news and TV to get the latest gossip on the presidential races. Reports are about as reliable as the weather:  ever-changing! I believe in being informed; I don’t believe in becoming all hot-n-bothered by stuff over which we have no control.

Do I always personally succeed in that? Hardly. One simple social media post can send me right over the edge if I allow it to do so. But these instances are exactly the time to practice Jesus’ advice and have that personal experience of the divinity within us all.

That inner guidance we trust is our own personal experience of the divine presence that lives, moves and has Its being through us. Divine intelligence – by whatever name you choose to call it – is always looking for a way to express in ways only we can individually articulate. 07A

This week in the daily edition of my blog, found on the Facebook® page for Spirit, Mind and Body Foundation, we’re going to be discussing personal expressions of God in all four major areas of our lives, plus three additional situations for your consideration.

I invite you to join in this dialog! Take time to examine the driving force in your life – be it God/Spirit/Divine Love or the facts of scientific knowledge and discovery. How have you adjusted your views of these forces in your life over the years? Does what you’ve been taught to believe still serve you? I look forward to hearing your answers!

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,




Are you easily distracted? I am if I’m not holding an almost constant vigilance with my purpose. I suppose it might have something to do with that ADHD thing.

So, yeah, some guys in white coats feel I have this inability to effectively give my attention to what’s in front of me. My family might agree. No, my family DOES agree.

I don’t. We can’t allow a diagnosis or opinion to be a reason to think less of ourselves or make it a defining point in our lives. For example, I’m tall, six foot two inches – that’s 1.88m for my non-American readers. I could say, “OH NO! I’m too tall to go up in the attic! I can’t get into a small car. Oh poor me!” Instead it means I have to duck … a lot. Yeah, I hit my head – repeatedly, since apparently I’m not always the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree – but not as often if I remember where I am and what I’m doing.

Even this blog is an example of my ability to be distracted if I don’t stay in control of my direction. However, I’m not going to scrap the whole first point just because I got sidetracked. Why? Because if I’m thinking about this stuff then others may be, too, and it just might be helpful.

So what WAS my blog supposed to be about? Here it is:

Allowing ISIS to distract us from life.

(I know – quantum jump – get used to it. My family just learns to deal with it, that is when they aren’t too tired, in which case someone just slaps me.)

The threat of terrorism and the reality of hundreds of thousands of refugees is nothing to ignore. But it is not a reason to become distracted from other challenges, both domestically and internationally, that deserve our attention. In other words, we can’t let our lives fall apart worrying about the problems in the world or down the block.

The recent terror attacks reported in the news in France and Mali have shifted the focus in the news, as well as in the current political races here in the States. How sad that politicians and would-be-presidents are doing little if nothing for the plight of those affected, but using the events and issues as marketing tools to downgrade their opponents with the hope of winning an election or fuel Islamophobia for their own designs.

We have a choice, but it’s not easy. Like most Truth principles, the course is simple – put one foot in the front of the other and carry on – but it’s far from easy to do that for most of us. We are charged with the duty to see through the media frenzy and political posturing. We turn away not from those whom we can assist, but we do “turn the other cheek,” as Jesus the great teacher said, and look in the direction of solutions.

Each day is another opportunity to remain vigilant with our spirit, mind and body to help create a life worth living in a world dedicated to cooperation and compassion. What we do matters. We may not see it, but any act of kindness we can perform on a personal and local level is one more building block put into place for a new foundation of planetary peace.

Will we run in fear as the media and politicians would have us do? Will we point our fingers at people and issues we don’t like nor understand? Or, will we take action and make a difference?

The choice is ours. Choose wisely.

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,