Do You Share Your Drugs?

What’s In Your Medicine Bag?

Have you ever heard of Malidoma Patrice Somé, PhD? He’s an initiated elder in the indigenous Dargara tradition in his village in Dano, Burkina Faso, West Africa. I had the honor of experiencing a personal healing and intuitive session with Malidoma when I was studying to be a licensed practitioner of the philosophies I’ve practiced and taught for over 30 years.

Besides being an elder in his village, Dr. Somé holds three Master’s degrees and two Doctorates from the Sorbonne and Brandeis University. He expressed to me, with uproarious laughter, how silly how thought Westerners were because we all take the same medicines. “Your headache is not my headache. How can we take the same aspirin for different problems?” he asked with a confused look on his face.

Malidoma explained to me that each time he leaves his village he packs a medicine bag of what he feels he’ll need on his journey to balance his physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies. His beliefs are not mere superstitions of an ancient culture. They are scientific facts.

According to a recent program on BBC News, researchers at Oxford University are studying how the effectiveness of prescription drugs appear to be affected by the patient’s DNA. Other cutting edge research in DNA are proving that our focused thoughts are capable of changing our DNA, thereby not passing on undesirable characteristics to our offspring.

While I carry a number of aids for my physical health on my travels, there is one thing I never have to pack. I always have it with me. That support is the use of affirmative prayer, what Ernest Holmes developed as “spiritual mind treatment.” By changing our thoughts the rest of our life falls into place.

Later in the summer I’ll be producing two webinars on the use of spiritual mind treatment, or “treatment” as it’s called more commonly in the New Thought movement. The first webinar will be an introduction (or review) for people new to the practice. The second will be an in-depth look at how to insure our treatments are effective. Look soon for the upcoming announcements on those events.

Beginning on Saturday, July 1, my daily “vlog”readings will return to Facebook Live. Through an agreement with Creative Thinking E-Magzine, I’ll be reading the treatments of ministers and practitioners throughout the New Thought movement, along with their quotes for the day and an affirmation. I hope this new service will provide a boost for your day and a focus for your vision. Be sure to check out Creative Thinking for yourself!

In the meantime, what could you use treatment for today? Request one by responding to this email. Or, schedule a free support call with me. Have an amazing weekend and know that you are supported in all that you think, say and do!

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,

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Point of Order

How’s your knowledge of parliamentary procedure? I’m spending five days right now with a couple thousand teenagers from all over the globe who already know far more that I do about the subject.

I’m in New York City for the 2017 National High School Model United Nations (NHSMUN) conference. I’m one of five chaperones who have accompanied the 60 students from Carlisle High School to the Big Apple. It’s my ninth year and these young people continue to amaze me.

The students I watch over are nonchalant with gender fluidity and don’t think twice about a mixed-race relationship. They are quick to question authority, but just as quick to listen to dialog and be willing to engage in honest debate with integrity and respect.

Can we adults say the same? Are we posting information on our social media accounts that point out the splinter-sized issue in groups with whom we disagree, yet unwilling to see the rafter-sized problems in the eye of our own cause or organization? Do we listen intently at what the other person is saying during a conversation, or are we too busy waiting for them to take a breath so we can interject our viewpoint, totally disregarding the ideas being expressed?

Young people are idealistic, often unrealistic, and frequently in a state of utter dismay when their schemes don’t go according to plan. We probably were, too, when we were in our teens, groping about in life trying desperately to find our way. But in some ways, we are still right there, stumbling through the dark when all we have to do is turn on the light.

What are your dreams, your aspirations and your desires? What’s it going to take to get from where you are to where you want to be? Perhaps it’s time to stop and take stock. The students I’m with this week are very familiar with the term point of order in their various committee meetings. It’s a statement that something needs to be addressed or corrected.

I believe I have a “point of order” moment that you might find useful in your life. Next Wednesday, March 22, I’ll be presenting a 30-minute webinar, live with a Q&A segment included. The topic will be,

“What’s Stopping You From Being Magnificent?”

Here at NHSMUN 2017 I’m more excited today about this upcoming webinar for next week than I was when I first planned it. When I’m around these students it’s impossible for me to not be infected by their excitement and hopes for the future of our planet, as well as their own lives, as they unfold into adulthood.

This will be a free, live broadcast at 1:00pm and 8:00pm, U.S. Eastern time, Wednesday, March 22. Here are the links to sign up and reserve your seat:



Join me for at least one of the sessions – see you next Wednesday!

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


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Why Rituals Are Important

Do you have sacred rituals in your life? Unless you are practicing a religion where ritual is part of worship this may not seem to be important to you. There’s a lot, however, to be said for ritual.

First, we ALL have rituals in our life, whether we see them that way or not. Monday Night Football, Wings Night at the corner tavern, holiday meals and just sitting around the dining room table reading the Sunday paper together are all rituals.

Second, everything we do is sacred. Our very breath, the words we use, the emotions we express are all sacred acts. Our lives reflect how we feel about the Divine. Why? Because we are sacred spiritual beings having a spiritual experience on the earthly plane.

Unfortunately, our modern society doesn’t always include formalized or consistent rituals to mark events or the passage of time. It may be up to us to create that as a way to more closely and personally connect with our Higher Power.burning-bowl-ceremony

"Science of Mind" magazine publisher Dr. David Goldberg recently asked the question, “What day of the year is your personal spiritual apex?” (Daily Guides, September 10, 2016) He suggests that we create or honor a “specific tradition or a day that may be special” to us. Here are some suggestions you might find useful:

  • Your birthday
  • October 31/November 1 – The end and beginning of the year in the Old Religion
  • Yule/Midwinter/Mōdraniht – the time when the earth is darkest and the light begins to grow
  • December 31 – New Year’s Eve (or another New Year’s Eve if you use a different calendar)

All these, and ones you might come up with, are about honoring and releasing the past, as well as embracing the future. You might want to use candles, incense, song and special foods to create a ritual. A “burning bowl” is a popular way to write down on paper what no longer serves us and then throw it into the fire. One of my favorite rituals is to go through my contact lists twice each year – on my birthday in May and on October 31 – releasing the people who no longer support me and honoring those who do.

Rituals give closure to the past. They also provide a more formalized way of giving focus to our desires. What sacred rituals would you like to honor in your life?

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


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The Small Stuff

It’s the little things that make a difference in our lives. We have the choice whether seemingly insignificant events are going to produce happiness, sorrow, regret or gratitude, among many other emotions. In fact, it’s the small stuff that can actually be a life saver for us.

In Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's, A Study in Scarlet, Sherlock Holmes’ sidekick, Dr. Watson is credited with writing this small piece of wisdom:

No man burdens his mind with small matters unless he has some very good reason for doing so.

If you are willing to get by the masculine noun writing style of the day this quote bears a tremendous message. Throughout the day we are bombarded with information. It’s not just what we read on social media or hear on the news. It’s far more subtle, yet infinitely more important.

The small stuff about which the good doctor speaks is our power of observation. It’s being open to noticing the energy of a person we meet; a split second before she stood tall and smiled she was slightly slumped, her eyes gray with disappointment, or perhaps despondency. Might we be a tad more loving and considerate if we had taken the time to be more observant?Blog

We may be lamenting the problems in the world, of which we are many, yet if we open to being more aware of our surroundings we notice one driver signally for another to go ahead in an act of courtesy; an elderly woman holding the door for a young father with three young children in tow, giving the guy just what he needs not to feel so alone; or, the cat who insists on us taking the time to pet her, just when we need to stop the craziness of the day.

It can also be hearing something intriguing or helpful and saying, “That’s really interesting! I’m going to remember that when I need it,” instead of, “I wish I could remember stuff like this, but I’m so forgetful.”

Are we are willing to believe there is only One Divine Consciousness with which we are all connected? If so, we understand that by training ourselves to believe in Divine Timing we’ll know that all knowledge is ours to have when it’s needed.

What will you observe today that you’ll recall in the future? Are you willing to enjoy the day, enjoying all you observe, and without rushing through it just to get to the end? I’d love to know what you experience today!

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


Terry Drew Karanen © 2016

We Are More Than We Know

Has anyone ever told you that you should live up to your potential? I’ve heard that, either directed toward me or in passing when one person is discussing someone else (usually their husband or child).

My first thought is always, “How do you know the ultimate potential of someone else?” My second thought comes something along the line about the person minding their own darn business, but I digress …

30AWe are more than we realize in the sense that we have abilities (not just potentials!) far beyond what we’ve been taught we have at our disposal. For example, it used to be that positive thinking was just some woo-woo idea taught by charlatans trying to get our money; or people who said they were spiritual, but not saying the same thing the churches were.

Today we have scientific evidence through numerous studies and other research that prove our thoughts (positive or negative) impact the outcomes in our lives. Catch yourself this week if or when you say, “I can’t … “ Really? You can’t? Why not? What’s stopping you?

Now don’t go getting all ridiculous on me and say, “Well, I can’t fly, so I guess you have to admit there are things we can’t do!” Well, of course. DUH! Seriously though, if that’s a person’s first reaction then we don’t judge them, we treat them with kindness. They may be looking for reasons to fail, to be a victim, to have people feel sorry for them … or, they could be just trying to be a smartass, in which case an argument is a waste of time.

We stop ourselves or make excuses for our lack of success all the time, but why? Because someone else thinks we can’t and we decided, for whatever reason, to believe them! Why? Because we’ve bought into being too old, or too young, or too fat, or too skinny, or too whatever which, in society’s eyes, says we can’t. That’s our BS and you know what that is:  Our Belief System.

This week decide to get a new BS degree. Get a new belief system that supports you in being magnificent and fulfilling a potential you either know you have, or at least suspect you might possess, that will propel you into a life worth living in ways you’ve not even yet imagined.

P.S.  This week over at the Facebook® page for Spirit, Mind and Body Foundation we’ll be talking more about our potential, how to increase our awareness of our abilities, how to break the barriers that binds us from having an amazing life and much, much more. It’s all part of our 2016 theme, The Global Vision:  A World That Works For Everyone. Come join the conversation!

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,



Description:  We are more than we realize in the sense that we have abilities far beyond what we’ve been taught we have at our disposal.

Say WHAT?!?

Theme for the Week of April 18:
Consciousness Creates Reality

“We believe that the manifest universe is the body of God.”
– Ernest Holmes

Say WHAT?!?

Are you enjoying the themes so far this year? Please let me know what you think! While I’m committed to joining other spiritual communities in this quest of #TheGlobalVision - #AWorldThatWorksForEveryone, I want to make sure that we are discussing and thinking about how these themes and ideas fit into our own lives, how we can live happier, more productive lives because of them. Let me know what you want to hear more of, if you’re not getting what you want from this blog!

Take this week, for instance. Do you still see God as the “Old Man in the Sky?” It’s not as uncommon as you think. Plenty of people have been raised to see God as far-off, distant, judgmental and to-be-feared so as not to displease Him. And, oh yes, God is definitely a “Him.”

Not so much … really! First of all the Judiac-Christian Bible, if that is your holy book of reference, must depict God as male due to the patriarchal nature of those societies. Yet to think that God is physically male is to negate the fact that anything we believe as God must not have actually corporeal form, even though we’ve been taught to see God as such.

If we go back to the consciousness of Oneness (that we are all made of the same “stuff”), then that means God is that same stuff, too. So whatever we see around us is a manifestation of God-stuff. Or, as Holmes put it, “the body of God.” So, our consciousness creates reality. Say WHAT?!?

Yep, and I know that brings up a LOT of different emotions. Over the next week on the Facebook® page of Spirit, Mind and Body Foundation we’ll be discussing how to increase our awareness of “God made manifest” within us and all those around us. How will that look and how will that help us have a life more worth living?18

Well, if our consciousness creates reality – meaning that we are cause to the effect in our lives – how can we have more of what we want; and, conversely, less of what we do NOT want? How can we deal with seemingly impossible choices or disastrous events? We’ll include all of that and more. Intrigued? I am! So please join me daily and let’s get to the bottom of this!

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


Do You Want to Be Alone?

Theme for the week of April 11:
You Cannot Disconnect From Life

We see a world in which we live and grow as One Global Family
that respects and honors the interconnectedness of all life.

Do you ever want to get away from it all? As complicated as our modern lives can get at times it’s no wonder if you do. We all deserve a break from the daily grind. Or not! We could talk about when we let ourselves get into jobs or lives that are a grind, but that’s not our topic.

11Apparently, Greta Garbo has been mis-quoted for decades – that happens a lot more than we’d like to admit! She didn’t say she wanted to be alone; she said she wanted to be let alone. There IS a difference!

I once heard a saying, “Wherever you go there you are.” In other words, we can't run away from our problems, at least not for very lone. The same is true if we try to completely disconnect from life. It’s not possible. Sure we can go camping for the weekend in the woods, or go completely off the grid, but we are still interconnected with all life around us.

To some that might feel like we can never be alone with our thoughts. To others it might be a comfort to know we always have the support and energy of others with us. How do you feel about it?

It can be exhausting if we think we have to do it all, go it alone or tough it out. As long as we can get our ego to suspend judgment, asking for help or working with others provides something that we all crave on one level – connection. The physical, social, philosophical and sexual connections we experience nurture and sustain us as we move through our spiritual experience in our human forms.

Over the next week on the Facebook® page of Spirit, Mind and Body Foundation we’ll be discussing how to increase our awareness of the interconnectedness of all life. And, we’ll look at new ways of using our connections to have truly amazing lives. Join us!

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,


Train Your Brain!

Theme for the Week of March 14:
Your Mind and How to Use It

“We see a world in which humanity rediscovers
the creative power of thought.”

Do you believe we live in a world of choice? We do, even if we don’t always like the choices.

It often comes back to wanting to eat our cake and have it, too. In case you haven’t already discovered it, that saying indicates a tremendous belief in lack and poverty. How?

Because if we truly know we are abundantly supplied by a user-friendly universe, then we have no need to stop ourselves from enjoying our lives or possessions. It’s the same as being afraid to gift those clothes we haven’t worn for six months (or twelve months, if you live where there are more distinct seasons). 14A

An unwillingness to release that which no longer serves us is a belief in lack, a state of being afraid and built on a foundation of fear. The same goes for being reluctant to make a decision, a choice.

Ernest Holmes taught us that “fear is faith mis-placed.” In other words, we’re manifesting more fear of the unknown than we are in what we claim to believe about abundance. Believing that we have freedom of choice is the first step to empowerment and unlocking the shackles of being a victim.

So why don’t we choose wisely all the time? Because we lack faith that there is a Mind in operation that is conspiring for our good. Because we don’t want to disappoint our mother. Because we are afraid he/she/they won’t like it. The list goes on and on.

There is responsibility in choice, which is another reason why we sometimes avoid making decisions. Here’s a thought I’ve been developing for the past couple of years:

We have freedom of choice, but not of consequence.

Consequence doesn’t necessarily mean something negative, but there will be a reaction to or from our action. That’s why it behooves us to choose wisely!

In the coming week, we’ll be discussing the practice of how to use our minds in the various areas of our life over at the Facebook® page for my ministry, Spirit, Mind and Body Foundation. It does take practice and it takes work. You are up to the challenge and the pay-off will be beyond what you have ever experienced up until now.

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,




Focusing Our Attention

Have you ever wondered why positive thinking doesn’t always seem to work? Do you understand the difference between “positive thinking” and “thinking positively?”

First let me point out the first question includes “doesn’t seem to work,” not “doesn’t work.”  Positive thinking works exactly the same way as prayer, even the type of affirmative prayer developed by Religious Science founder, Ernest Holmes. Our answers can only be reached at our level of acceptance.

Focusing our attention on one particular action has become increasingly difficult in our first world society. Multitasking – which I define as attempting to do a lot of stuff at the same time in a half-assed way leading to more frustration – has become the norm. It’s multitaskingtotally impossible to be focused on one thing and be thinking about another. Face a grizzly bear running toward you with snot and spit oozing out of its face and tell me you’re really concerned about painting the bedroom or how your lover forgot your birthday.

The basic universal law governing the demonstrations in our life that we desire is the Law of Cause and Effect. The answer to our prayer can only be realized if what we initiate in prayer is what we actually want. This leads us to the difference between positive thinking and thinking positively.

Both positive thinking and thinking positively are effective, though the latter will garner us far better results. The former is like changing the oil in your car; that latter like a major tune-up. Why?

Because positive thinking is light years away from the way we have been taught to think, which often ends up being “prepare for the worst and hope for the best.” Holmes taught us that hope is better than despair, but it pales in comparison to positively knowing the Truth in any situation.

We must completely and without exception laser-focus our attention on our desire or goal. If we don’t it’s the same thing as expecting the recitation of affirmations alone to create what we want without any further effort on our part.

Realizing our desires is an inside job. How many times have you heard someone say after a prayer, “Well, I hope that happens, but I don’t see how it can.” That’s exercising what I call the “Eeyore Consciousness,” the gloomy expectations of the little donkey from the Winnie the Pooh stories whose tail keeps falling off.

This is where thinking positively excels. The person who consistently thinks positively, meaning truly believing in the prayer or affirmation, and rejects any thought of that desire not being made manifest will find her or his answer.

Focusing our attention is mandatory for our hopes, dreams, goal and vision to become a reality. Is that easy? No. The majority of people don’t want to put in the effort, which explains why we don’t have more of what we want in our lives. Are you committed 100 percent to what you want? Are you willing to focus your attention on the attainment of that desired outcome? Do so and you’ll find your life unfolding in a manner you’ve never experienced up until now.

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,



Accepting Our Good

Is there something lacking in your life right now? It could be any number of things:  a satisfying relationship, a better or new car, the job/career of your dreams, your bills paid and money in the bank. It could also be peace of mind, free from anxiety or depression.

Our thoughts create our experience and we are responsible for the outcome. Many people balk at this, preferring to blame the Devil, the government, their parents or something else for their woes. Of course, no one plans a miserable life on purpose! But, we really do create our own experience. The problem is that most people do it subconsciously or in some cases, unconsciously.

My father drilled into my mind that I would always have more bills than money and never get ahead in life. Nice, huh? It wasn’t his fault. He believed the future was predicated by the past, recent or distant, and the direction of family wasn’t toward affluence. Heck, we didn’t even have a double-wide in our trailer park!

Dr. Arleen Bump told me she was taught this by one of her teachers:

The world knows you in terms of your history, but God-Mind only knows you in terms of how you are knowing yourself at this present moment.

In other words (sorry, Papa), the experience of the past doesn’t have to impact our present or future, unless we allow it to do so. In my case, I’ve battle issues of financial lack for nearly my entire life. I’m finally financially stable, but it’s taken a great deal of energy to get where I am, probably a lot more than was necessary if I’d had a better belief system in place.

The question then is not whether or not our good is available, but rather if we are willing to accept it. How does this lack of acceptance show up?

  • Someone opens a door for you, but you insist they enter first.
  • A friend informs you she is picking up the tab for lunch, and you protest.
  • You can’t afford groceries, but feel worthless when someone brings you bags of food.

Get the picture? Have you passed a penny or a nickel on the street, afraid someone would chide you for stopping to pick up such an insignificant coin? PICK IT UP! Jesus taught us that “Whoever is faithful with little is faithful with much also …” (Luke 16:10, Aramaic Bible in Plain English).htblaw

As we become more comfortable with small gifts and demonstrations, more becomes available to us. Begin today to embrace the acceptance of your good, no matter how small and regardless of whether or not you judge yourself worthy of such abundance.

Begin, too, to guard your thinking. This is not about ignoring the facts, but it’s an entirely different thing to dwell on those facts instead of knowing the truth that another situation, circumstance or outcome is possible.

Know this:  There is just One Power. That Power is in, through and all around you. That Power is your power. Speak your word for that which you desire. Know without a doubt that the universal consciousness knows how to produce your good and produce it in a way even more wonderful than you expect. Release all doubt and embrace your good by making room for it in your life. Give thanks, knowing that it is already done in the Mind of God. And So It is!

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,