Casual Friendships and Meaningful Relationships

Photographer: Kristin Hardwick

The Pandemic created a loss of a certain group of people we didn’t necessarily consider friends.

Missing them, however, put a strain on meaningful relationships as we looked to our own households to fill a gap of nurturing we hadn’t realized we were feeling prior to the Pandemic.

It affected those of us who work outside the home more than those working from home. Why? And how?

Often times a colleague we see in a lunchroom or someone we may converse with on public transportation fairly regularly may not be readily considered a friend. Yet those people do fall into a category called casual friendships. And they are extremely important to some of us.

These are people we joke with, act as a sounding board when they complain about their spouse or show us simple kindnesses like bringing our copies off the printer to us without being asked to do so. Acts of kindness like this, often taken for granted, can create a void when absent.

Conversely, our meaningful relationships cannot always provide the casual releases we seek. There’s too much history, rants in the moment can damage the stability of the relationship, or the people with whom we live just don’t fully understand the types of stress we are under at work.

If we still find ourselves feeling a bit lost, it’s okay. We are reacting normally in what is one of the most abnormal situations most of us have ever encountered. We can move through and beyond this if we honor where we are without reservation and appreciate all the relationships in our lives… even those casual ones.

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