Everyone Has a Bad Day

Having a good day? Or maybe it’s a bad one?

What constitutes the difference? A rainy day doesn’t have to be a bad day. A wet one, sure. But bad? Not necessarily.

Same with good days. Those might be defined as the days we got a lot done. Or perhaps a day when we got what we wanted. Yet, getting a lot done may have exhausted us. And, getting what we want isn’t always in our best interest, e.g. two corn dogs with extra mustard and a bunch of cotton candy before that rollercoaster ride. Yeah. You got whatcha wanted! Yuck!

It’s something about being these spiritual beings on the human plane. Some days it doesn’t feel quite as spiritual as we like. Thing is, no one of us has all the answers. And sometimes the shit hits the fan. You know that kind of day.

The way we have control over the conditions in our lives is through our perceptions of what is occurring and our response to it. When we live from response—not reaction—we choose the mood no matter what.

Now are you having a good day? Great! Me, too!

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