Why Faking It Sells Us Short

Photographer: Bonnie Moreland

There are those who are so fixated on pretending everything is alright in the world that admitting spiritual social justice issues exist offends their sensibilities.

One of the biggest “panties in a bunch” issue in New Thought centers is this overwhelming need to re-write the song, “Let There Be Peace On Earth.”

First of all, re-writing lyrics without permission is not only rude it’s illegal.

Second, the reason people get all hot and bothered is because of that one word: Let.

Let isn’t about something in the future. To let is to allow. The way to allow is to get out of the way by living our lives in concert with our stated beliefs—whether that’s convenient or not.

The various rewrites amount to nothing more than airy-fairy, metaphysical psychobabble. If you don’t believe me, watch the same “everything is just perfect in the world” people go ballistic when they can’t get out of the church parking lot.

Affirmations like that don’t work when we don’t believe what we’re saying. There is no “fake it till we make it.” We don’t have to fake what Divine Intelligence already knows how to do.

What works is speaking our word and then releasing it, you know, like Spiritual Mind Treatment and affirmative prayers are supposed to be? As one teacher used to say, “Get out of God’s way so She can do the work!”

“Let peace begin with me” is a prayer of allowance of how we can be used for the betterment of all around us, ourselves included.

Sing the song the way it was written. Do the work. Then, LET it go.

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