Must Change Take Time?

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Change—the only constant in the universe.

Some find that one of the most annoying paradoxes.

But does all change take time? It all depends on what the change is, doesn’t it? Or in many cases, who is requiring the change.

If a change means a problem is solved, convenience added, or money saved, that change is going to be immediate. But let someone try to make us change something we don’t want to, and that change will take forever.

“Change takes time” is what we normally hear when the change needed demands us to give up a long-practiced, learned behavior or belief. Smoking and other addictive habits, systemic racism, and hatred of any group may have been part of someone’s life for… well, their whole life.

But even those deep-seated actions or beliefs only have to take as long as we want decide we want them to. The thing about change is, we have to be willing to make our own changes, not worry about what those around us need to change.

What one thing would you like to change today that would make you happy?

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