Should We Be Specific in Prayer?

Let’s cut to the chase with the short answer:


My feelings and practice about this question have changed over the years, and in particular, over this past twelve months. Whether we use spiritual mind treatment or traditional prayers, the approach is the same.

Being Specific

Mind maps have been a go-to tool for me when practicing specificity. This also applies to visualization; we are encouraged to picture exactly what we want.

Being General

This method falls into the “This or something better,” category with treatment. It also falls into the “God knows what’s best, so He’ll provide it if I really need it,” camp.

In the past I’ve believed and taught, if you’re being specific and seem to be getting nowhere, be general—or vice versa.

Emotional engagement

What is most important—no matter how we prayer or what method we use—is our emotional engagement with the outcome. The final step in most forms of spiritual mind treatment is “Release,” yet all too often the person treating doesn’t release the energy! We keep pulling up the plant to see if roots are growing. Either we have faith in God or the universe or we don’t. If we say we have that kind of faith, then we must allow that power to do its work… without our help or bright ideas.

One of the best ways to stop messing with the process is to get busy about doing something else. Hopefully, you can find something fun to do, as play is an awesome catalyst to clarity. Another method is to clean and organize. As we remove that which no longer serves us, we create a vacuum that the universe will provide. It’s also a terrific way to experience new freedoms.

If you feel stuck in some way, reach out. I’d be happy to support you in moving through and beyond any situation that seems to be of concern.

Spiritual Mind Treatment for the Week of March 28, 2021

Help me accept love as it is given, even though it may not come in the package I requested.

Judy Ford

Let the words below be your words if that feels right for you.

There is one life energy. That power and presence exists in and through all creation. I am that life in action and human form.

I speak this word accepting love in my life. As I express unconditional love for those around me, I receive back the same in all my interactions. I wait in earnest anticipation of the next love experience. I smile knowing that the channels of the love I seek are numerous and wondrous.

Joy fills my heart to know that all I require is already mine to receive. I live in the lap of luxury and abundance, in a universe that supports me. I stay focused in the feeling, the emotion, of what I desire. I live in contentment, knowing that is not synonymous with complacency. My willingness to receive opens doors and opportunities I may not even realize existed.

My appreciation is boundless for the how universal law works on my behalf. I release this treatment into the law for immediate and divine right action. And So It Is.

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