Give It … or Lose It?

I’m thinking about love and forgiveness today. Those two get tangled up quite a bit.

Clients tell me, “I just can’t forgive him. He doesn’t deserve it.” I tell them, “Perhaps not, but you do.” The longer we refuse to forgive someone the stronger those psychic ties become. Often, they’ll choke the life right out of you. Forgiving the jerk that hurt you releases all parties involved, but most importantly you!

Deciding someone doesn’t deserve our love works the same way, only in the reverse. We have an unlimited supply of love. That has to be true because we are one with all creation. Spirit is love and Spirit is beyond abundance. Love and all the other emotions we experience are unlimited.

While Buscaglia’s quote below might seem to contradict that, I chose it because there’s a thread of truth in it. How? Because while we never run out of love, we can lose out on the opportunity to show love if we refuse to give it. Why? Because that split second of time will never be repeated.

Yeah … I know. Spirit doesn’t know time. Well alert the media. We, on the human plane, do know time. That moment we give up by refusing to give forgiveness or show love could be the very turning point in our lives and the lives of those around us we seek.

That, in an of itself, even without taking into consideration all the benefits both shower upon us, should be enough reason to forgive and to love in a way none of us have ever done before … up until now.

Spiritual Mind Treatment for the Week of February 14, 2021

What love we’ve given, we’ll have forever. What love we fail to give, will be lost for all eternity.

Leo Buscaglia

Let the words below be your words if that feels right for you.

Love is all there is. Love lives through, in, and as everything around me. I am love.

I speak this word knowing I give love freely. I give without expecting return yet know that as I give I richly and generously receive. I open my consciousness today to new and exciting opportunities to love. I follow my intuition in showing kindness to others, both friends and strangers, since kindness is love in action.

I choose to see only love. What others see is up to them. I chose a world full of love. I act in ways that promote love. I give generously of my time, talent, and treasure to people, organizations, causes, and actions which I am sure will express love in a magnified and glorious way.

I release this word into the universe for immediate divine right action. I know that love surrounds me, moves through me, and gets to express as me more than ever before. I am so appreciative for this and give thanks that it is so. And So It Is.

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