Are You Self-ish or Self-full?

I don’t think I know anyone who revels in being called selfish. I certainly don’t.

Sadly, as soon as we begin to exercise our own desires, often around two or three years old, we find adults telling us we can’t have what we want. Worse yet, we may be told wanting to do or have something is selfish.

Kids don’t come with owner’s manuals and many parents didn’t have the perfect role model from their own past. As parents we want the best for our little ones yet being unable to fulfill their wishes can cause us to feel inadequate. It’s easier to say, “No” than say, “I’m not sure how we can do that, but let’s figure it out together!”

The term self-full is being used more and more in other writings I see lately to help us understand taking care of ourselves is something to be celebrated, not criticized.

It’s not about always getting our way or ignoring the desires of others. It is, however, at least as important (if not more so!) to make it our mission to practice self-care in whatever we feel is right for us. In doing so, we fill ourselves up – becoming self-full – and have far more energy to be of service to those around us.

Spiritual Mind Treatment for the Week of February 7, 2021

Nurturing your own development isn’t selfish. It’s actually a great gift to other people.

Rick Hanson

Let the words below be your words if that feels right for you.

There is one power, one presence, and one life. That active force moves through and as everyone and everything I see. I am that active force.

I speak this word for a new and expanded view of self-care in my life. I observe the creatures of nature and the land around me. I see periods of new beginnings, growth, harvest, and release, all leading to the same cycle over and over.

For every action and every desire in my life there is a time, a season of joy and activity, as well as a period of reflection, release, and rejuvenation. I am excited to be a part of each of these arenas in my life. I relax into the peace and contentment which comes from aligning my activities with that of nature around me.

I express appreciation for the joy of being self-full in all areas of my life. I choose to care for myself with joy, knowing that my rejuvenated body and attitude will be of service, support, and appreciation in the lives of those around me. I release these words into the universal mind for immediate manifestation. And So It Is.

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