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Here’s a question a subscriber asked this week:

How do we create what we want and hold it in mind and also allow Spirit or whatever to bring us a good we may not see or allow because we are focused on our picture?

The question came after reading my November 29, 2020 blog, “Thanks, Gratitude, and Appreciation.” If you missed that one, click on the link and have a look at it first.

Let me take the question apart. My belief is that we are not creators, but co-creators with Spirit. What we say we want or think we want, however, may not be what we want.


Often, we see something or someone we feel will provide the feeling we seek. It’s never the car, the lover, or the job. It’s the emotional energy surrounding the desire. An accompanying emotion must be embodied within us before it can manifest.

While it’s true that we allow Spirit to provide, it doesn’t mean we have to keep reminding it to do so. Spirit always provides, though we interfere by not allowing the manifestation to appear. Our egos are usually involved in that. But you already knew that.

The universe must respond to our request; it has no choice. Another part of the question is this concept of “holding it in thought or mind.” This concept is one of the differences between the teachings of the Fillmores of Unity and that of the Holmes brothers of Science of Mind. In Religious Science, the organizations which teach the Science of Mind philosophy, we do not hold anything in thought – we release it into the universe for manifestation.

For example, if you ask me for prayer treatment work, I won’t be keeping you in prayer for a week or thirty days, as some do. You don’t need me constantly checking up on you. That would mean I thought you were a victim of your circumstances. I don’t. I believe you have the power to receive your own answers and to change your conditions.

If other approaches work for people, that’s perfectly fine. Any prayer works as long as we believe in it. When I do prayer treatment work, I expect my treatments to be complete. I go on about my business because I have unshakable faith Spirit is already acting on my behalf to produce the desire result in my life. Should I feel doubt later, I treat again until I’m back in a sense of well-being.

This is another incident where appreciation comes in. We aren’t giving thanks or expressing gratitude for some old man in the sky who had a good hair day and condescended to reward us. No. Not my idea of God. My God, Spirit, Universal Consciousness, or whatever you call it, responds without looking to see if I’ve been a good boy.

This brings us to the final part of the question with regard to focusing on our picture. I used to do that. Made mind maps with pictures all over the place. Hung glossies of the objects of my desire with affirmations plastered all over them. Been there. Done that. That’s fine when we’re learning about metaphysics, but it’s the milk of the teaching, like manifesting princes, palaces, and parking places.

I’m more interested in the meaty part of our teaching. Sure, we can be specific about treatment for what we desire. If we’re not getting what we desire in a time frame we feel is appropriate we can try being more general. Or vice versa if that’s the case. See what works for you. It’s less about the process and more about the results.

Ever bake a cake? What happens if we keep opening the oven every two minutes to see if it’s done? It falls flat. We must give it time to properly develop. Biscuits take a couple of minutes; a cake may take 30-45 minutes. God doesn’t know biscuits from cakes, big or small, and doesn’t deal with this human time thing to which we subject ourselves.

Unfortunately, we do – live in this human time thing – so patience is required on our part. That means constant, consistent effort to mind our thoughts and hearts. That will produce results quicker than trying to figure out how or when something will happen.

We can guaranty, however, that the time our desires take to manifest is directly related to how we allow universal intelligence to do what it does best without us interjecting our own bright ideas. That’s about as silly as me trying to tell the mechanic how to fix the noise the fan on my car is making. She knows what she’s doing without my help. So does Spirit. As my late friend, Rev. Helen Street, used to say, “We’re dealing with universal intelligence, not Big Dummy In the Sky.” Good to remember.

By examining out beliefs and faith we arrive upon the quiet confidence that the universe always responds and always provides. That’s just the way it’s set up. Kinda kewl if you ask me!

Spiritual Mind Treatment for the Week of January 10, 2021

Our ability to surrender in life is directly related to the amount of peace and fulfillment we experience.

Mike Robbins

Let the words below be your words if that feels right for you.

There is one universal consciousness. It is all-present. This power is all-knowing. It creates out of its own thoughts. It created me to express life uniquely as only I can. I am that consciousness.

I surrender myself to the faith of God. While faith in God is hierarchical, faith of God is absolute. The confidence I have in the intelligence of a power greater than me, one of which exists in me, is unshakeable. It is not my job to decide how, when, where, and what is to occur. Or, in which order for my desires to be made manifest before me in physical form.

I revel in the trust I have in divine right action being carried out at all times in my life. I speak my word for any desire, then release it into the universe for manifestation. I set about to live in appreciation of the desire already created. I live each day with excitement to see how beautiful these concrete expressions come about.

I release all thoughts that there is work to do, or blood and sweat to be shed. My job is to accomplish the next act with ease and grace, whatever I perceive it to be. I am divinely guided to know what that action is for me. I rejoice in earnest anticipation and deep appreciation for all which is so abundantly supplied for me. I open my consciousness to accept all that I desire, for I am worthy of a life of joy, happiness, and love. A life worth living. And So It Is.

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