What Will You Make of 2021?

I can’t think of any New Year Eve that has been more anticipated as starting anew, and that includes the Millennium celebrations. We lost far too many people for totally senseless reasons in 2020. Our lives were turned upside down, with almost all of us experiencing loss or change we didn’t see coming.

Yet some have been less affected personally than what seems like the majority of people. How is this possible? Think of people who through some accident become a quadriplegic. Some of them are resigned to a life of pity and sorrow, while others create a whole new life worth living. How?

Attitude. Desire. Empowerment. Strength. Support. Some have it, some don’t, and some develop it because they are willing to change. It’s the same with women and men who leave abusive relationships; deal with addictions; lose all their possessions in a fire or storm; or, become penniless overnight. Some recover and thrive. Some never do.

Mary O’Malley’s quote for this New Year treatment speaks volumes for us going into 2021. No one gets to force us to see a different picture than we choose. This doesn’t mean we whitewash world issues or ignore the smelly elephants in our lives while living in the land of Pink Cloud Metaphysics. It’s not always easy. Maintaining a positive outlook while refusing to allow conditions to dictate our present and future requires daily practice and determination.

2020 convinced too many people,
“It is what it is.”

Let 2021 be
“It is what we create it to be.”

Terry Drew Karanen

Terry Drew Karanen

Let 2021 be a newer beginning for you than any you have experienced up until now. We have much to go through in the months to come. Together we can do it.

Spiritual Mind Treatment for the Week of January 3, 2021

We don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are.

Mary O’Malley

Let the words below be your words if that feels right for you.

There is one life. That life is always present and forever expanding. It creates out of a desire to express the fullness of life. I am that life in human expression.

I speak these words knowing the year ahead brings blessings beyond my expectations. I choose to expect the best, not plan for the worst. I open my consciousness to a higher level of acceptance than ever before. I exercise my capacity to appreciate the good I see around me.

I choose to acknowledge the power within me to direct my life. I determine my path toward change for the better of myself and those around me. I am a complete and full example of personal authenticity.

I release these words into the universe for divine right action. I rejoice in the overwhelming appreciation I have for life and living. And So It Is.

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