Are You an Open Book?

How much of your life do you share with others? You might answer that question the same way I did when it came up recently: It depends!

Fair warning: This is going to be one of my blogs that sets out a premise or issue without resolution. The thought process and next step is up to you. A thread on this topic was started by a young man on a site I follow. He feels we should all be open about everything to everyone, which may sound either freeing or frightening to you. It’s one thing to say it, it’s another thing to practice it.

Being in public life makes one aware that people in general do not want to know all our business. By discussing all our past, present, and future experiences to everyone can be confusing and jarring to those who have us labeled in a way that suits them. That can cause us unexpected consequences.

If we don’t, however, are we being hypocritical? Are we in effect “lying by omission?” Perhaps, perhaps not. The rabidly open, anti-gay politician who was found last week at a predominately male, sex party with drugs on him might have his reasons why he keeps two very disparate parts of his life separate from the word.

He’s likely, and rightly so in his country, to be afraid to be out as a proud gay man because other goals (public office) trump his sexual orientation or personal expression. While I may find him hypocritical, I also find it sad that we still live in a world where many of us feel we cannot be authentic.

We don’t want our minister or therapist to have problems, yet we want her to be human and understand what we perceive as our faults. It can easily become a “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” situation.

My intention in the way I lead my professional life is to be as open with others as I feel is appropriate. I’m keenly, if not painfully, aware not everyone thinks I should disclose as much as I do about my past or current life experiences. The key, I believe, is that it’s what Ifeel is appropriate, not what society or the rules of an organization dictate. Will that please everyone?

Nope, and that’s not my intention anyway. I’ve always said, I ain’t your daddy’s minister, but I will be as honest and open as you’ll let me. How honest and open are you about your personal life to others?

Spiritual Mind Treatment for the Week of December 6, 2020

Let the words below be your words if that feels right for you.

Hypocrisy is lazy. Living in word-deed compliance takes work.

David Ault

I am one with Spirit.  The qualities and power of Spirit are embedded in my DNA and consciousness. I am that which Spirit is.

I am authentic. I decide who and what I choose to be. I acknowledge that will not attract everyone, but that is not my intention in the first place. I attract to myself the friends, lovers, clients, organizations, and people whom I can serve.

My love is expansive and joyous. It knows no boundaries, as Spirit has no limits. I choose to express my energy in ways that are uniquely and unapologetically me.

I give thanks that this is so. I release these words into the universe for divine right action now. And So It Is.

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