Yes, This Is a Rant

Have you wondered why so many people around the world are rebelling against masks and lockdowns? Why are large groups of people having what boils down to a collective tantrum?

The science is clear: Wearing masks helps stop or slow the spread of disease. So why all the rioting, protesting, and flagrant disregard for common sense?

It’s because some in our societies have become a bunch of screaming, drooling, group of tantrum-focused three-year-olds. And why?

Because they can’t have their way. Because they don’t want to be told what to do. And yet…

  • They will wear a shirt and shoes to enter a store or restaurant;
  • They follow the requirements for health, auto, and home insurance:
  • They obey traffic signals; and,
  • They follow other rules they might not particularly care for.

Americans are singled out for their anti-mask behavior, attributing the outrage some express due to the independence upon which our country was founded. Except it wasn’t, at least not completely.

From the very beginning the main thing the colonists wanted was to be independent from was England. Within our country we learned to depend on our families, our communities, and even other cultures upon whose land we lived.

It’s not just Americans. It’s worldwide, though there are exceptions, of course. I asked my Spanish tutor in Bogotá what the Colombians called “anti-maskers.” His answer? “Muerto (Dead). We do what we’re told because it’s the right thing to do.”

The situations in which we’ve found ourselves now for over a year are not going away any time soon. It’s time for the self-righteously indignant to stop complaining like petulant children and start acting like the educated, patriotic, and civic-minded citizens we pride ourselves in being.

Rant over.

Spiritual Mind Treatment for the Week of November 22, 2020

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.

Joseph Goldstein

Let the words below be your words if that feels right for you.

There is no division in spirit. There is only peace, unity, equality, and equity. I acknowledge my oneness with this universal consciousness. No matter what the human conditions may appear to be, I am at peace as spirit is at peace.

I take complete and full responsibility for my actions. I choose to live a life that is right for me. Within my desire to sustain a beautiful life worth living, I also do everything in my power to affect the same for all those around me.

Whether these people are living with me in my home or reside in some distant land, they are my family. I see us as interconnected and interdependent. It is only by joining with the whole of humanity that I can be truly whole within myself.

I release any thoughts of lack, limitation, disease, or race consciousness that may be lingering in my subjective thoughts. I rejoice in my appreciate for the justice, power, presence, and abundance of spirit in my life. And So It Is.

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