He Said, She Said, They Said, OH MY!

Forgive me if I’ve been playing the same tune on different instruments over the past few months. It seems to me like I keep writing about the same thing: Too much information, little of it reliable, and how this is stressing the crap out of so many of us.

Of course, you and I don’t have to let social media or the news get to us. It’s our choice what we listen to. You’re not still eating dinner in front of the evening news in the living room, are you?!? Good. I didn’t think so.

There are still way too many of us getting our knickers in a twist, or as my Grandma Esther would have said, “your tit in a wringer.” You have to be of a certain age, which I am, to know what a “wringer” is, and why on a particularly bad day, more than one woman experienced this long-past phenomena.

We all have to get a grip. While you or I may not have this level of stress in our own lives on a regular basis, I’m sure we both have people in our lives that aren’t doing as well in light of current events, i.e. global warming, politics, or health crises.

It’s up to us to “take the high road.” Be compassionate with those who are suffering, but absolutely, positively flatly refuse to buy into anyone being a victim of the circumstances. We are better than that – I know you know that! – so let’s reach out and start helping those who need the strength we know is available to all.

You’re doing so well, in spite of (or perhaps because of) all that is going on. It reminds me of how the founders of the New Thought movement were so adamant about being “prayed up.” Our daily practice of meditation and filling our minds with all the uplifting readings, memes, and pictures is more important now than ever before.

Keep it up! As @MarieForleo always says, “The world needs that special gift that only you have.” Give freely!

Spiritual Mind Treatment for the Week of November 15, 2020

Victim or victor, the choice is ours.

Dennis Merritt Jones

Let the words below be your words if that feels right for you.

There is one life. That life is God. That life is my life now.

I speak this word knowing the truth of my being. I am the energy that creates universes. I am responsible for my attitude. I get to decide what I want my life to be about. No one can force me to do anything I do not choose to do.

My intention is clear. My resolve is firm. My ability to accept change is astronomically more honed and fully available than ever before to lead the way to a life worth living. As I move through life with grace and ease, I empower others to do the same. Everyone has these same opportunities, power, and ability.

I release these words into the universe for divine right action now. I accept that in the Mind of God all things are already fulfilled. I express my appreciation for this recognition and give thanks to all that is good, pure, truthful, and holy. And So It Is!

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