How Lucky Are You?

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Do you believe in luck? If lottery sales worldwide are any indication it seems a whole lot of people do. I used to believe there was luck, particularly when games of chance were involved.

I don’t anymore. But then I don’t believe in coincidences or accidents either, at least on a spiritual level. I once saw a cartoon with a guy weeping, screaming to God, “Why don’t you help me win the lottery?!?” A voice is seen from above, in Old English script, of course, because God only speaks to us in archaic English. It says, “Dude! Help me out here! Buy a ticket!!!”

You probably get the point, aside from the fact that King James never called anyone a dude, there is a fair amount of spiritual calisthenics involved in manifesting our good. We have to be a receptive conduit for our good. It doesn’t mean we have to force the issue or tell the universe how to produce our desire. However, we do have to be willing to at least accept the possibility our desires can be fulfilled.

Not everything that happens in our life is the result of conscious thought on our part. The great majority of what happens is the culmination of unconscious, fleeting, or otherwise innocuous and random thoughts running through our minds.

Because of this, guarding our thinking, particularly what we say about ourselves, is crucial to experiencing the life we want to live. If we don’t, success is not nearly as likely. But as Mark Twain infers below, we could play the victim as there’s always someone or something to blame if we fail to achieve our goal.

That’s not the way I live my life and I hope it isn’t the way you live yours. May the treatment below instill within you a confident sense of who you are. As this our week progresses there will be plenty of opportunity for us to feel at the effect of the world around us. Recognizing the strength of choice. Shore up your sense of empowerment. No one can dictate your thoughts. Let all your thoughts be that which you choose to experience.

Spiritual Mind Treatment for the Week of November 1, 2020

Success is a matter of luck. Ask any failure.

Mark Twain

Let the words below be your words if that feels right for you.

I take a moment to breathe in the calm of spirit. In the all-knowing presence of whatever I accept as a power greater than me all is perfect. I suspend my human concerns and unite in complete agreement with divine right action. I am the peace of God. I am the power of God. I have the peace of God.

I speak this word knowing that God is in charge and all is well. Divine right action takes place with or without my help. It is an eternal force that exists as the only power in the universe. There is no good or any bad in the presence of Spirit. All is, simply is.

I recognize that any human angst I might feel has nothing to do with the truth. Depression and sadness are effects of the past. Anxiety is a product of future worries that have not and most likely will not occur. I resist any thoughts around me that interfere with my joy of staying in the present.

I stand firm in the moment. I exude love, strength, confidence, and faith. The faith of God is my faith. I am so extremely grateful that all is well. I am always safe. I am always at peace, for God is in charge and all is well. And So It Is.

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