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In light of the new changes to the Supreme Court and the election now just a week away, I’m seeing other clergy colleagues sharing their availability to create safety for others. I am following suit.

It’s not my purpose to plan for disaster, but rather know we are each safe and secure in our own lives. We’ve lived through the past year (and the three before it) haven’t we? Some of you “endured” eight years of Obama and never lost a gun in your collection, while others of us scraped through eight years of Bush in spite of difficult times.

This is no different. We shall continue on with our head held high like sniffing pies in heaven. In particular I’m reaching out to my LGBTQI+ friends and family. Know that I will happily marry, bless, baptize, and affirm you personally and officially, just as I would anyone. The last trans couple I legally married couldn’t believe I didn’t see their union as an issue. Why would I?

For the many women in my life, for my male friends of all orientations and genders trying to figure out what it means to be a man in the 21st century, for my friends and colleagues who are intimately affected by #blacklivesmatter, those of you, especially us seniors, who are concerned about healthcare, or my beloveds of color worried about your status in this country, please know that I am here for you. I will stand beside you in knowing the high road of thought regardless of the situation, see equality and equity for all, and do my very best to be anti-racist in my personal and professional life, hopefully leading by example, not by sermons.

I know … it can look absolutely shitty at times. But we can leave the crap there stinking up the room, or we can get a scoop, a rag and Pine Sol, and rid ourselves of the stench.

The choice is ours. Never, never, ever forget that NO MATTER WHAT we are at choice … ALWAYS.

We have freedom of choice, but not of consequences.
Choose wisely.

Reach out to me or someone else if you need help in doing so. You are loved!

Terry is counselor, speaker, and award-winning author – find his books on Amazon.

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