How Can We Understand What Is Going On?

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Would you agree that there seems to be a lot of craziness going on these days? I suppose there’s a fair amount of judgment in there on my part by asking the question. But seriously, I’ve never seen anything like what we are seeing on the evening news before night after night.

Do you want to understand why people are acting the way they are? Folks who would normally be considered upstanding citizens are showing up on social media in a not-so-flattering manner. How can we understand why they are acting the way they are acting?

We can’t. Honestly, how can we understand someone else when we often don’t know why we do what we do? But here’s the real kicker: Not only is understanding the motivation behind the actions of others nearly impossible, it’s not something we need to do in the first place.

“I need to understand this,” is a phrase I’ve heard a lot recently. If she doesn’t understand, what? She’ll die? If he can’t figure it out will life as he knows it cease to exist? Of course not, but this leads us to the hard-to-admit truth that it has nothing to do with needing to do anything. It’s what we want to do. We are making a conscious choice to delve deeply into a point of view held by someone else we have no intention of embracing.

The person who “needs to understand” the actions of Hitler, the way people are demonstrating in the streets against equality, or the horrible decisions being made around the world seldom wishes to understand. What they really want is to be understood. Why?

Because their real intention is to change the other person’s mind. In other words, if they understand the diametrically opposed viewpoint they have ammunition to fight the other belief system or action so as to get the other person to wake up. Nine times out of ten this isn’t going to happen.

The person who needs to understand the horrible actions of others is choosing to concentrate on what s/he doesn’t want to experience. Instead, we’d be wiser to “turn the other cheek” as the great teacher, Jesus, once said. He didn’t mean to ignore what is happening. Rather, by turning the other cheek we are focusing on what we desire, not what we fear. This is the way to affect change.

No, we don’t need to know. What we need to do is decide to focus on creating a life worth living right in our own homes and everyday life. As we focus on that we automatically make a difference in the world that frustration and upset can never hope to accomplish.

Spiritual Mind Treatment for the Week of September 28, 2020

It’s not till you let go of something that you see how it’s been holding you back.


Let the words below be your words if that feels right for you.

There is only one life. That life is Spirit. At some point it chose to express life as me. I am one with all creation.

I speak this word knowing it has the same impact as the energy creating universes. I know my focus is clear, concise, and dynamic. I see a completely clear path on my life course. I determine to precisely focus my desires in concise terms. I dynamically move forward in life with the understanding I create my own experience.

There is nothing in the way of Spirit, so there can be nothing in my way. I choose my path with care. When changes and opportunities present themselves, I make wise choices based on universal wisdom. I focus on my own desires for a happy, productive, and love-expressing life of joy.

I accept my good with gracious appreciation. I release these words now into the universal consciousness for perfect manifestation. And So It Is.

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