Why Life Seems Hard At Times

Have you ever noticed this situation: An idea comes up in your head or in a group, and immediately doubt appears?

People frequently focus on why they can’t have something in their lives instead of focusing on obtaining the situation or object. The message this morning is not about manifesting. That topic often degrades into, “OH! Look how metaphysical and powerful I am! I can produce a parking place.”

If you’re one of my subscribers you long ago accepted responsibility to chart your own course and have seen the reality of creating the “Three P’s”: parking places, princes/princesses, and palaces. You probably enjoy your stuff and recognize you deserve all the good in your life. So why can we sometimes still feel lost, stuck, or disempowered?

Nothing is hard from the universal standpoint. Spirit and immutable laws produce exactly what we embody. If we want something to be hard, it will be. The laws are static and respond without judgment. The universe always says, “Yes.” “Yes, you can have a better job or the job of your dreams,” or “Yes, you are unworthy of anything better than what you have.”

Our perfect life, the job of our dreams, a supportive relationship, and a basic feeling of accomplishment and peace begin in our own mind. This week let’s take a renewed look at how easy our lives can be.

Spiritual Mind Treatment for the Week of September 20, 2020

What we can mentally encompass we can accomplish, no matter how hard it may seem from the outside.

Ernest Holmes

Let the words below be your words if that feels right for you.

One mind, one life, one presence. The unity of all I see and do not see is one. I am in complete alignment and unity as the unique expression of this life.

I speak this word with appreciation for immutable laws acting on my behalf. I release thoughts that life must be difficult to be satisfying. I know that I benefit and enjoy working on projects I have sought to accomplish. I rely on Spirit to guide and direct me after I have put the Law into motion.

I guard my heart and my thinking. I focus on only what I desire for myself, for others, and for our planet. I am for something and against nothing. I refuse to give power to a thought, person, or circumstance attempting to control or influence my life. I let go of thoughts of discord or disharmony that might attempt to creep in. Those manifestations are not in my best interests, nor do they exist in the Mind of God.

I rejoice at the ease of my life. I give thanks that this is so. And So It Is.

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