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Perhaps I should have entitled this, “To be specific, or not be specific. THAT is the question.”

I’ve been listening to some podcasts of Abraham-Hicks recently, yet there is a paradox in this: Dr. Terry doesn’t do channelers. Neither does he put a whole heck of lot of stock in spirit entities.

As one of my teachers once told me, “Just because you’re dead doesn’t make you smart.” In other words, Aunt Hazel, who was a bitch on wheels while with us, doesn’t automatically transform into Glenda the Good Witch upon death. You get the point.

BUT, when we treat about direction and guidance, we are wise to absorb it from whomever or whatever Source chooses to send it through, non? Yep. So, with that in mind,

Being specific or not in treatment – how and when do we choose?

Something Abraham said made such sense to me, spoken in a way that I’d not quite articulated myself. If we are not clear in our intention, then be general in our treatment work – not vague, but general. But if we are totally in the flow of Spirit – completely accepting our unity on all levels and can feel absolutely no resistance to our good – then play with the creative process of our desire by being as specific as we want.

In treatment work we speak about we want, but endeavor to accept that in Divine Mind we already have it. In the formation of this creative process, it’s far easier for us to embody the emotion of what we desire, not the form.

When I’m in the stage of initial creation, I treat with clarity about embracing my desire, but not about the form that desire must take. When I am specific, I have often used that postscript of, This or something better. I use that because quite often in my life I’ve discovered, much to my amusement, that Spirit has a bigger idea of what I need, want, or desire.

I know I’ve written a bit more than a quick note. But I’m living in such total and complete excitement in my life these days I feel like I’m going to burst with joy and love. Sure, there’s plenty of stuff going on around us, but here’s some other advice I was given. I once mentioned to my practitioner there was a flu going around. “Well, my precious child,” said Dr. Juanita Dunn, “Then let’s know that it’s going right around you and on its way.”

Let’s treat, shall we?!?

Spiritual Mind Treatment for the Week of August 17, 2020

Form implies extension in space and also limitation within certain boundaries. Thought implies neither.

Thomas Troward

Let the words below be your words if that feels right for you.

With every fiber of my being I know now more than ever before that Spirit is all there is. All that I see, feel, touch, and hear is the result of that energy in action. It created me to express life. I am that which is Spirit.

I speak this work knowing my thoughts create perfectly. I embody the emotional energy of that which I desire. Universal Mind knows what I desire and so I move without effort into an acceptance of my good. My thoughts create and I get to play with this powerful energy in the process.

I do not “co-create” with Spirit. As I am that which Spirit is, I create. We are one and I accept the wisdom of the universe works on my behalf as it must. I give thanks and am so incredibly grateful for the presence and power of Spirit in and as my life. I release this word knowing it is already done. And So It Is.

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