Are We There Yet?

Alex Holioake, Photographer

Do you find the “finish line” illusive these days? There’s so much going on in numerous areas for us. It brings to mind the old analogy of being a one-armed wallpaper hanger or clown with far too many plates spinning.

Enough! Take a deep breath – hopefully, you’re used to doing that by now!

Spoiler alert: We will never be “there.”

Yes, we will achieve goal after goal, and watch our cherished dreams come into fruition. But “done,” “finish,” “totally complete?” I don’t think so. Our species thrives on accomplishments, and it often takes a good amount of effort to get to our goal. It feels good to see our desires made manifest, but then what?

The universal laws upon which you and I build our lives, consciously or unconsciously, are infinite in their ability to create new and exciting experiences for us. The power doesn’t get turned off. The desires are never too big.

The amazing Edwene Gaines once told me, “Sugar, we’ve got to increase your tolerance for pleasure!” That simple sentence put me on a trajectory that has seen me make more changes in my life in the last 18 months than I’ve ever made before.

Join me, please? In spite of COVID-19, governmental incompetence, the racist divides, and all the other issues of the day, would you be willing to open to a new, all-encompassing, and thoroughly expanded acceptance to the power of Spirit?

Good. I knew I could count on you, because you are the key to peace on the planet. And you are so, so, so, so very up to the task!

Spiritual Mind Treatment for the Week of July 20, 2020

Let the words below be your words if that feels right for you.

There is no limit to the Law but there seems to be a limit to our understanding of it.

Ernest Holmes

There is only one power. That power acts immediately through universal laws that have never and will never change. Through those laws Spirit creates out of its desire. One day it desired me. I am that which Spirit expressed, both uniquely and perfectly.

I speak this word for my ever-expanding acceptance of my good. I experience perfect health and wholeness in every cell, system, and organ in my body. My abundance is evident in my many friends, financial support, and the material joys I lavishly share with all I meet.

My gifts are given through the work I do and the ways I serve. I appreciate each and every relationship in my life, be it fleeting as I pass another on the street, or the ones with whom I share my bed, my life, and my home.

My gratefulness is overflowing in my appreciation for the workings of Spirit at all areas of my life. I open to more of the same, and even greater wonders yet to be revealed. I release this into the universal law and supreme consciousness living in, as, and around me. And So It Is.

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