Find the Fear, Find the Freedom

Recognizing there’s a problem is the first step to realizing there doesn’t need to be one.


Re-read that.

Sure, we can recognize a problem exists, but we don’t have to believe it needs to continue or must be necessary in the first place. There are a lot of angry people in the world right now because of the problems of racism, inequality, a pandemic, and so many other things. But is it really anger?

Usually not. Maryann Williamson wrote in “Return to Love,” that we are seldom angry for the reason we think we are. Under the angry we often find sadness. And, if we are willing to go deeper, we’ll find fear. Our fears are always at the bottom of the barrel. A very deep, murky, stinky, slimy, yucky barrel. (Did I mention the wood is rotting?)

The longer we hold onto our fears the more power we give them. This is why we might say we “can’t get over” the anger, injustices, abuse, or the sadness in our past. Without recognition of the fear that’s buried deep in the recesses of our minds we are allowing fear to live rent-free within us. While there, fear gets to “re-decorate” our lives. UGH!

Are you ready to be free of fear? Would you like to find more freedom within the application of safer living today?

The next thing that totally sets you off can be the trigger to finding the sadness and then the fear that may be keeping you stuck in something. Once down there, you can only go up and out to the healing. See ya at the top! Let’s go play!

Spiritual Mind Treatment for the Week of July 13, 2020

Let the words below be your words if that feels right for you.

Fear has a very long shelf life.

Moira Foxe

There is no fear in God. In that one power, that one presence, there can be only one consciousness. It is not fear and love. Love is all there is. I am that Love.

As I speak this word I feel such exquisite compassion, appreciation, gratitude, and joy at my life. I am surrounded by loving and supportive companions, both physical and virtual. I love my hugs and recognize that the power of love is expressed in ways above and beyond the physical exchanges I desire.

I release any fear that might be lurking about in my consciousness, either known or unknown. I gratefully recognize that I am the embodiment of the Christ Consciousness is all I do. I am perfectly capable of moving through life with grace and ease. I love as I know I am already loved by others. I give thanks that this is so. And So It Is.

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