Did You Forget … or Remember?

I seem to have an ongoing theme in my “Snippets” (mini-blogs) about aging issues. WHY this is occurring is a mystery to me, but here’s another one.

“I came in here for a reason, but I have no idea what it was.”

“I KNEW I’d forget where I put that.”

“I SHOULD have written that done, but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

If none of this sounds even vaguely familiar, read on anyway. Someone you know could benefit from your compassion as s/he becomes overly critical in judging themselves.

Trying to remember why we went into a room for something only stops us from remembering. We are not concentrating on the object or reason. We are focusing on not remembering, so we don’t. Instead, quiet your mind, take a deep breath, SMILE (maybe even giggle!), and go back to the last thing you were doing, and voilá! There’s that book!

The other two for me are realizing that if my intuition suggested I would forget later about something I probably will. Or, if the still small voice urges me ever so gently to write something down, it’s definitely a good idea.

I’m not being sponsored by Evernote (in case you were going to ask), but if you don’t know about this handy little app you might want to check it out. If you’re running a business the annual fee is well worth it. And, of course, you can create your own system using it as a free app, finding other such apps, or using what you already have (like a pen and notebook, remember those?), you can save yourself any grief.

You and I can be so hard on ourselves sometimes. It’s not just us seniors who have these issues. Due to the “time-saving technologies” we all run around with all ages of people frequently not focused on anything except being busy.

Laugh more at yourself. Take time for yourself. Love yourself. Take care of that scared little three-year-old girl or boy (or both!) inside you who just wants to be hugged and reassured. You are so precious, unique, and very, very capable of living the life you deserve! (You’re not half bad on the eyes, either!)

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