Yeah – It IS Up To Us!

How is our world situation affecting you today? Some of us are frantically trying to figure out life. Others are happier than ever and asked, “WHAT planet are you living on?!?”

To say these are trying times is an understatement for most people. While life may include challenges we never imagined, our world today is at a turning point we’ve never seen in our lifetime.

Yes, there have been other significant events that you can think of in the past century. But none have affected and impacted the entire globe in such a way as we’ve seen over the past four years.

If we are busy focusing on issues and situations over which we have absolutely NO control, our own lives will be going to hell in the proverbial hand basket. Right now, today, is the best time to decide how we want our lives to be. What do we want to experience in life? How do we see ourselves living in five years, or just next year?

You and I must act now to create lives worth living in ways we might never have dreamed of. By pursuing our dreams, our goals, and our passions we can come together as a people to create a world in which all the problems we see today are dim memories in the past.

But It is only being truly who we are that we can affect change. We cannot be mindless sheep, only to be shepherded off the nearest cliff by individuals and group only out to benefit themselves. Join me? At a whole new level of commitment?

Spiritual Mind Treatment for the Week of June 29, 2020

Let the words below be your words, if that feels right for you.

Many come close, yet few dare, so boldly,
to live without judgment,
to give without expecting,
and to love for no reason.

We call it a spiritual trifecta.

The Universe
(AKA Mike Dooley)

There is one life. That life is all there is. Out if itself this universal, unending, always present life created me out of a need to express life as only I can. I am that life.

I speak this word as a commitment to myself and the universe. I am committed to being me, fully capable and holding absolutely nothing back. I exhibit all the unique and precious qualities with which I was endowed.

The light that provides the opportunity to heal shines brightly through each second of every day in my life. I seek not to teach, instruct, correct, or judge. I am empowered to lead through example, to love, to show compassion, to laugh, and to live fully in whatever way circumstances dictate.

I am so extremely grateful that I live where I do, when I do, and in this very particular human body. I release this work into the universe for complete and immediate manifestation for my good and the good of all around me. And So It Is.

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