Why I Am No Longer Religious

I received this message today in my email:


Is equality the normal practice and each one serves the other? Is everyone focusing on the highest good for everyone? Do you have leaders who share their expertise, but do not dominate? Can you substitute culture, country, family, society and know this is the established practice? If not, why not?

There is enough supply to meet the basic needs of everyone on the planet when we organize, plan and share! What is your role in creating a New Norm?

I am willing to serve, share and create a Peaceful World, are you?

I continue to be willing to serve, to share of myself even when it makes me look bad in the opinion of others, and do my best to LIVE a peaceful life, both at home with my family and out in the world beyond our property.

I felt the intention of the piece above, but within my soul I also experienced the presence of disconnection. My meditations led me to the reason for that:

NO religion in the world does for us what the piece says we need to do!

It is spirituality, not religion, that brings us together. The New Norm, the New World we’ve been slowly creating for decades and that we see magnified today, includes more spirituality and less religion. People of like-minded spirituality have been finding each other for hundreds of thousands of years to practice their respect for the Divine in similar ways. This is the reason ANY religion was created.

Religion sounds great until someone comes along and asks the members to explain their beliefs. Then all hell breaks loose, organizations divide, and the people are harmed. This is why we have literally THOUSANDS of “Christian” religions in the world, all claiming to be the one and only TRUE place to find Jesus.

Name ONE religion of any faith out of the tens of thousands on earth today in which EVERYONE believes EVERYTHING that faith teaches. There isn’t one. There is at least one rule, one edict, or “accepted means of practice” that irks some in the faith. Most people within a religion can’t even agree completely on what it is they DO believe!

One Pope called American Catholics, “Cafeteria Catholics.” Parishioners start with the full-blown teaching of the Church before them, then pick and choose what they find convenient to believe as if they were at a buffet line at Golden Corral. All religions have “cafeteria believers.”

Still, people find comfort, albeit often misguided, in gathering in one religion. If your church, synagogue, mosque, temple, coven, or whatever group to which you belong doesn’t support you one hundred percent in expressing the amazing creature you are then that place and those people aren’t supporting you to be all you can be. Does that sound selfish?

It isn’t. It’s self-FULL. Why? Because unless you and I are allowed to be who we truly came to this planet, at this time, and in this body, we can’t be of true service to others!

Be who you were meant to be. Whether you are considered elderly or you are young, we live in an amazing time of human experience. Yet, since unforeseen circumstances befall us all, there may not be all that many “shopping days left till Christmas,” if you get my drift.

So, if not now, when?

If not you, who?

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