Do You Care What They Think?

Do the opinions of others rule your life? There are many reasons why this might be true for you. But instead, there could quite possibly be a smirk on your face:

“Ex-cuuuuuuuze me?”

Whether it’s getting mom’s approval, receiving dad’s blessing, wanting our beloved to notice our new haircut, or being thanked by a supervisor, almost everyone has had this happen.

Sure, we may know on an intellectual level that our only true approval comes from within. Still, at times we might find our feelings getting hurt more than we’d like to admit.

There’s only one person in my life this probably doesn’t apply to and she’s my hero: Helen King. You may have seen the video series I produced last year with her, “Conversations.” If not, check it out on my YouTube channel.

For the rest of us, let’s commit to live life full-out this week. Love yourself and know how you are living your life is really the only way you can. We love it when you are being “you!”

Spiritual Mind Treatment for the Week of June 22, 2020

People would worry less about what others think of them if they only realize how seldom they do.

Mark Twain

There is only one life. That life is a universal intelligence that creates to express itself. It created me and through me expresses itself uniquely and perfectly.

I speak these word in confident recognition of my life course. I am guided by Spirit in the fulfillment of my vision. I am directed with ease and grace to my perfect next step in the unfoldment of my life.

The information I seek is easily provided. I am surrounded by other people and numerous resources to support my activities and work. My deep inner sense that universal wisdom is forever at my disposal assures me that I am doing the best I can at all times.

I allow others to live their lives as they see fit, and never take the words, opinions, or actions of others personally. I release these words into the universe for manifestation now. I give thanks that it is so. And So It Is.

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