Are You Willing to Take a Chance?

Are you willing to take a chance with me? Great! Read on!

How are you additional, unscheduled time at home? Many parts of the U.S. have reopened, at least partially. Other countries worldwide are further along in this process, while others are nearing or at their peak of COVID-19 pandemic.

I’m not suggesting a silver lining of this thunderstorm of health challenges. But you may be one of the hundreds of thousands of people who have more free time at present, perhaps too much free time in the opinion of some.

Recently when planning out my next day prior to retiring for the night, I found myself in a “story.” The story I was telling myself was that I didn’t have time to do one or two things on my mind map. Or, there were more important things I should be doing.

I paused and realized that I did (and do) have the time to accomplish far more than I would normally because my work hours have been decreased. I’ve heard of and seen in my own household people returning to hobbies long ago cast aside, reading those books they’ve been meaning to read for months, or taking up completely new activities and interests.

Sure, there’s plenty to worry about in our personal lives, professional pursuits on hold, and the state of our planet, if that’s where we want to be. Instead, let’s commit to educating ourselves on the issues, acting in ways that seem right for us, and using any additional time to pursue those “some day I will” projects.

Take the chance. If you do your success is guaranteed and failure is something you won’t experience. Check out the quote for this week and treatment below to find out why!

Spiritual Mind Treatment for the Week of June 15, 2020

There are a lot of ways to become a failure, but never taking a chance is the most successful.

Author Unknown

Peace is all around me. It is through me, as me, all around me, and sourcing all that I desire to have or experience in my life. I am one with the peace of love. I am its creation.

I speak this word with peaceful conviction and powerful intention. My word is law and activates a series of universal principles I do not have to understand completely to use. In fact, I am using them subconsciously all the time, every day of my life.

Recognizing this power causes me to appreciate the responsibility I have to myself, to others, and to my planet to guard my thought processes. I focus on what I want. I ensure that my spoken word is in line with my thoughts. My actions are evidence of my willingness to do what it takes on the physical level.

I give thanks that my pursuits and goals are manifest by spirit in the use of these timeless laws. I release my word into the universe knowing that before I have even finished speaking it is already done in divine mind. And So It Is!

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