Gratitude or Appreciation?

I felt moved today to share this snippet about some thoughts I’ve been having this week on gratitude. I mean appreciation. Wait. What’s the difference?

The two words are often used synonymously. I know I have used them in this fashion and probably not thought much about it. Then heard a clip from a 2007 video of Abraham-Hicks. Here’s the section that jolted me:

When you feel gratitude, often, you are looking at a struggle that you have overcome. And, feeling grateful, in other words happen that you are not still in the struggle, but you are still messing with that vibration just a little bit in that. … Appreciation is tuned in, tapped in, turned on. Appreciation is vibrational alignment with who I have become.

Wow. I’ve written pages and pages in gratitude journals never thinking that having gratitude for something could mean I was still tied to that concept, experience, or person. I want to align with the vibration of who I am now, not who I used to be. That guy is gone. Again, Wow.

These thoughts are similar to a snippet I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the difference between being unattached versus being detached from issues in our lives. I don’t have sage wisdom for you like others you might follow. I just had these random thoughts in my head today and thought it might be something for you to consider, ignore, or debate!

(Discussion encouraged below in the comments section!)

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