How Worried Are You THIS Week?

Have you noticed how easy it is to get upset these days? Between COVID-19, inane tweets, heightened racial tensions, and protests we certainly don’t lack for stimuli, do we?

Because so much of the world has been turned upside down it’s important we stay abreast of what’s going on. We do not, however, have to stay glued to the TV, our smart phones, or our computers all day long.

The media tends to present the horrors of the day in a feedback loop for our overconsumption. For example, a recent evening news channel repeated a video clip of two police officers in Buffalo shoving a 75-year-old, non-violent protester to the ground leaving him there to bleed. Just once? Nope.  Four times in less than three minutes. Why was that necessary?

There are psychological reasons why humans tend to have an appetite for disaster, but seriously, how many times do we have to watch a man being choked to death, a plane crashing, or an animal being abused?

Again, being informed and spurring ourselves and others to action does not require us to work ourselves into a constant state of anger or worry. Doing so will not only harm us mentally and physically, but it will render us less able to act effectively for the changes which must happen for our world to move toward peace.

If you are online a lot consider putting yourself on a “media-fast” for a full day, at least cut down. Recaps of the day’s news gives us just as much if not more valuable information upon which to keep informed and up to date.

Read the words below in this week’s treatment as your own. Allow them to wash over you, remembering the truth of your being and that of all around you.

Spiritual Mind Treatment for the Week of June 8, 2020

Worry is a darkroom where negatives are developed.

Author Unknown

There is one power. That power is God. That power is the life of everything and everyone I see around me. It permeates my very being, for it was out of its desire to express life that I was created. I am one with all I see.

I speak this work knowing it contains power and intention. I keep myself informed about my world – both near and distant – and use that information to make appropriate choices for my life and actions. Limiting the flow of information from media and friends does not mean I am hiding from what is going on around me.

Quite conversely, my divine ability to know the truth through gleaning the most important facts and intelligence allows me to stand firm in the presence of chaos. I accept creation can often look like chaos in action, but I choose to live my life in peace and harmony.

I focus my attention on the present. I am mindful of what I read, to whom I speak, and how I conduct myself at all times. I am authentic in my actions and impeccable with my word.

I release this treatment into the universal consciousness for immediate and divine right action. I give thanks that infinite intelligence is the only power upon which I can and do rely. And So It Is.

Copyright © 2020 by Terry Drew Karanen. All rights reserved.
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