Magick and Spiritual Mind Treatment

Did you know spiritual mind treatment and magick are basically the same thing? Let me explain….

When we treat we align ourselves with the oneness of all creation. It’s not an esoteric practice – it’s natural, simple, and easy to learn. What we are using are timeless natural laws to affect change in our lives, or the lives of others.

Magick does the same thing. Instead of a five-, six-, or seven-step treatment, magickal practices use spells – I like to think of them as spiritual mind treatments that rhyme! Spells can also include incense, candles, herbs, stones, sand, water, and oh so many other wonderful physical elements to delight our senses and boost our imagination.

But magick, just like treatment, doesn’t do something TO us or FOR us. It works THROUGH us when we allow it to do so. It is not the stone, candle, or crystals that create the change. It’s the belief in the mind of the witch, wizard, pagan, or wiccan that affects change, an aligning of her/his thoughts with universal energy.

I was reminded of this by a beautiful article written about spells of protection for all those involved in the current protests. Because I believe in oneness I’m not inclined to create situations from which I need protection.

So, although my focus would on knowing that we are in unity and harmony, I believe the referenced article below by Tess Whitehurst has some excellent points from which you might find comfort, solace, and wisdom.


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