How Do You See Yourself?

Do we all have to be good at everything? Absolutely not! Perhaps you’re an exceptionally good cook. You can follow a recipe and produce a lovely result. You are equally able to take the leftovers in the frig and pull something quite wonderful together for dinner.

But are you a chef? Probably not. Sometimes I try to re-create the same dinner or dessert that was such a hit last month, but find it lacking in all-too-many ways. I thought I replicated the methods I used last time. Apparently, that was not the case.

My friend, Marcelle, is a trained, professional chef. When she talks about cooking her eyes light up. Mine? Not usually. Her schooling and experience have taught her that a particular technique or tool makes all the difference with consistent success in the kitchen.

Marcelle made a commitment toward her craft for which I have no interest in doing, and that’s perfectly okay. I love cooking and baking, even if I don’t understand what’s happening all the time.

We get to decide what we want in which parts of our life. Sometimes we will be the chef and other times we will be satisfied being the cook. Once you and I figure that out, self-flagellation stops, and we find we’re enjoying life a little bit better every day.

Spiritual Mind Treatment for the Week of May 25, 2020

Do you want to be a chef or a cook?

Author Unknown

There is one life. That life is all-powerful and ever-present. It created me out of itself for a unique expression of life. I am that life.

I speak this word knowing that my decisions in life are appropriate for me. I have a clear intention of my goals. My vision for my life is unfolding in complete and perfect divine right order.

In each and every situation I find myself I decide how and when to act. In maintaining clarity of vision, I know I never need to react to conditions around me. I am divinely guidance by infinite intelligence to act upon anything or anyone crossing my path.

I can be a leader or I can be a follower. The choice I make as to either one at any given time depends on how that role fits in with my life vision. It can also be determined because one role or the other suits me at the time. It is my life, so the decisions are mine alone.

I give thanks that this is so. Universal law is now acted on by Spirit in producing the perfect outcome for all I desire. And So It Is.

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