Three Simple Tricks for Success

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Has success alluded you in at least one area of your life? Perhaps there’s a regret about an unfinished project. There might be an issue or situation with which you seem to have developed a life-long relationship.

“Change your thinking, change your life,” the famous quote from Dr. Ernest Holmes, remains one of the foundation principles to which I return daily. It doesn’t matter if I’ve judged the day or situation good, or whether I’ve found some reason to dislike my results.

It works the same for me and for you day in and day out. Universal laws are simple, yet humans seem to have a penchant for making the use of those laws as complicated as possible.

It’s not easy. If it were most everyone’s lives would be hugely different. But just because changes may have varying degrees of difficulty doesn’t mean it’s impossible to make adjustments in our lives. Our quote today is from Tony Robbins. In one simple sentence Robbins discloses three words often forgotten to change our life trajectory.

New – We all know that we can’t keep forcing the square peg in the round hole, so why does pounding harder on an old idea make us think we can have a different result?

Congruent – Whether you and I want to lose weight, get a better job, or make any other changes, our actions must match our intention.

Committed – There absolutely must be consistent, intentional commitment to our new way of thinking, as well as a clear-cut vision of what is replacing our current situation. Success is not encouraged by giving up at the first sign of opposition or a challenge to our plan.

Read this week’s spiritual mind treatment as if the words were your own. Since we are all one, they already are anyway!

Spiritual Mind Treatment for the Week of May 18, 2020

Your life changes the moment you make a new, congruent and committed decision.

Tony Robbins

Divine wisdom is expressed in, as, and through all I see. That power created me as a perfect expression of itself. I am divine wisdom in human form.

I speak my word for the perfect outcome of all my decisions. I recognize that I make numerous decisions throughout the day. Many of these are fleeting. Most are by rote or automatic. Today I become more fully aware of the decisions I am making throughout the day.

Reoccurring situations I determine not to repeat require new and innovative thinking. I am open to divine mind working through me to reveal those actions.

I am vigilant in my desire to have my actions reflect my word. I stop myself from automatically doing what I have done in the past, making sure that my current actions support the fulfillment of my desires.

My commitment to action based on new information is firm. I open to the guidance of Spirit in all I do, knowing that universal law awaits only my word to achieve my desire.

I release this into the universe now for complete and full manifestation. I am so thankful that these words are already done. And So It Is!

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