Were You Taught to Be Great?

“That’s not very ladylike.” “Boys don’t do that.” “Let him win sometimes.” “You need to show more humility.”

These are just a few of the phrases you may have heard growing up. If you’re over 30 I’m sure you heard them. (If not, good for your parents!)

It can be a challenge to be magnificent for those of us raised in a household where humility and martyrdom were preferred. In that philosophy one is expected to blend in, not stand out. All the glory goes to God, not us worms in the dust of the earth.

But you and I are great! We are the result of a universal intelligence desiring to express life as us. That’s why it’s said that each of us have a gift that only we can share with the world. We are all unique expressions of life itself.

This week let someone else open the door for you. Take the larger piece of cake if you want it. Decide to be great in all you do, even if it doesn’t meet your own or someone else’s idea of perfection.

As one meme goes, “God don’t make junk.” You and I are no exception to that!

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