Meet the Tachments Family!

Once upon a time, in a peaceful village, there lived the Tachments family. Mother and Father Tachments had done their absolute best to raise their three children to live life with gusto. Sadly, their efforts did not seem to pay off with all of their offspring.

Their oldest son, Uh Tachments, wanted so many great things for himself. The problem was that nothing ever got any better for him. Instead of being willing to change, he wanted change without changing.

The middle son, Uhna Tachments, fared a little better. Seeing how sad his older brother was most of the time, Uhna made a choice to embrace change. His efforts paid off okay, but he was never quite able to achieve the complete happiness he sought. Even though he made changes, he never quite let go of his old way of thinking. They were always there in the distance, calling him back to them.

However, Mother and Father Tachments were extremely proud of their youngest child, Dee Tachment. Dee decided while still quite young that she was not going to follow in the footsteps of her eldest brother, Uh. She could not imagine being so miserable all the time. She did enjoy the company of her other brother, Uhna, but she could not help thinking he could be happier.

Dee made the conscious decision to change her thinking and actions when her life was not to her liking. Additionally, she took time to visualize exactly how having what she wanted would feel like. When she let go of an old habit or way of thinking, she never looked back. It was full steam ahead, living life full tilt boogie!

The moral of this story is that we all have attachments to people, places, and things in our lives. We, and only, we get to decide what we want to have in our life, and what no longer works for us.

To be unattached to an outcome, however, implies that we are still aware of the old attachment. There might very well be a few psychic links to that old way of thinking, which could explain why some issues are so hard to shake.

But, being detached from the problem, situation, relationship, or an old way of thinking indicates a compete separation from the old so as to embrace the new. In other words, we will never have room for the car if we do not move the old one out of the garage. (Feel free to replace “car” with “job,” “spouse,” “job,” or whatever you know needs to go.)

You and I can live our lives like Uh, or Uhna, or like Dee. We have freedom of choice, but not of consequence. The choices we made in the past have created our present. The question is, Are the choices we make today going to create the life we want tomorrow?

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