Acceptance Does Not Mean Approval

How are you doing with the “Stay at Home” orders (if your area is requiring that)? So many of us long for more time at home. Yet when the situation is thrust upon us, we may complain … or protest.

True, the quarancations many of us are experiencing are inconvenient at best. It almost feels like we’ve been incarcerated … at least if we decide that’s what it is.

Feeling trapped, imprisoned, or in bondage of any kind is a mental construct. In spite of the inconvenience and possible financial hardships, we can accept where we are and make the best of it.

Or, we can pine for that which we don’t have, much like the nation of Israel did in the Bible story after leaving Egypt. Because they were longing for cucumbers (don’t ask me – I didn’t write the story!), suddenly enslavement in Egypt didn’t seem so bad. How quickly we can forget our blessings when inconvenienced and without cucumbers … or toilet paper.

This, too, shall pass. Let’s commit to accepting what is in our lives without buying into this as being the new normal, or that it has any necessity to continue.

Spiritual Mind Treatment for the Week of May 4, 2020

While bondage is an experience, there is a Reality to which bondage is not real.

Ernest Holmes

There is one life. That life is a presence and power operating as and through everything. It expressed life uniquely as me. I am that power and presence.

I speak this word knowing I have absolute control of my thinking and decisions. No matter what is going on with others, I am the one who chooses how I will act in situations for which I am faced.

My resolve is firm and continuously insures my happiness. I do this through consistent spiritual practice, guarding the thoughts in my head, and respecting the emotions of my heart. I do not need to react to situations. I have the wisdom of infinite intelligence to be able to act in whatever way is appropriate for the situation.

I release the need for my actions and decisions to be approved by others. What others think or judge about me is none of my business. I give thanks with a grateful heart in knowing that the power of the universe is my source. I am loving and loved. And So It Is.

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