Looking For A Little Alone Time?

Ready to get away? Fascination of a quarancation worn off?

Perhaps. Probably? As much as we love our family, spouses, or significant others a little separation time is a good thing. My husbands can stand me just about half of the time. I can be a lot of work. “Hot mess” comes to mind, but I’ll let others assign those labels. Fortunately for us all, I’m normally out of town about half the month.

That’s why dating is so much easier than marriage. Divorce is easy, too. Marriage? No, that’s not always so easy. Much easier to walk away from situations we don’t like than work through the issues, at least in the short run.

This principle works the same with jobs, friendships, how we feel about our homes, and so very many other things. The one key issue we must remember when dealing with others, however, is that as much as baggage as we might think they have, we probably brought a bit of luggage along on this trip as well.

Ready to cut everyone in your life a little slack? (That includes you, too, okay?) You and I have the choice whether or not to drag everything that was in our previous “life closets” into the life we have today. May I suggest we all take just one carry-on – or two, at the most? One must fit in the overhead compartment and the other must be placed securely under the seat in front of you. Don’t make be come back and tell you again, okay?

Just don’t check a lot of bags on this quarancation that you plan on picking up at baggage claim when you get to the destination of your dreams.

Trust me on this.

No, really.

Trust me.

Spiritual Mind Treatment for the Week of April 27, 2020

The majority of the baggage that weighs us down we have packed ourselves.

Susan Gale

There is no separation in God. There is only unity, oneness, and cooperation. It is not possible for this universal energy to be divided in itself. Out if it, divine intelligence decided to express itself uniquely as me. I am one with this amazing force – life itself!

I speak this word knowing that divine intelligence working through me and as me has already seen the complete and direct manifestation of this proclamation of love. I am surrounded by love. Joy fills my life and my heart.

My feet are firmly planted in a foundation and truth, no matter what may be swirling around me. I determine to be the solution in all situations. I need not feel like I have to have the answers. I allow infinite wisdom to move through me, unobstructed by any need for human ego thinking.

I release this into the universe knowing it is already made manifest. I give thanks that it is so. And So It Is.

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