What Is Your Intention?

How many times have you heard or read something about the full moon? April’s full moon, the Pink Moon, was closer to the earth in its orbit than any other time this year. Of course, She got a tremendous amount of publicity on that!

What is often overlooked are the new moons. While the full moons are times to acknowledge feminine power, the new moon has a completely different meaning to those of us who follow the earth calendar or practice the Old Ways.

As soon as the moon is full, She begins her 14 “waning” days, the days when She begins to show less and less of Herself. Conversely the moment the moon appears the smallest to us – a mere sliver – She begins to exhibit more and more of her glory over the next “waxing” days by growing once again to Her fullness.

The new moon is similar to the farmer planting seeds. My grandparents and great-grandparents farmed the land. It was at this time of the month Grandma Esther would plant her gladiola bulbs or her enormous tomatoes. Just like the seed being planted in the earth, this evening we can set our own intention for the coming days, weeks, and months. As the moon returns to fullness in just two weeks, we can know that our intentions are growing exponentially along with Her.

Luna will be exhibiting Her diminutive nature at 22:26 (10:26pm) US Eastern time. For Muslims worldwide, this is the Shiva Moon during the month-long observation of Ramadan. Perhaps you’ll think about joining me at that time in meditation, prayer, treatment, or however else you practice the settling and centering of your mind.

Let’s use this specific time to join in consciousness with one another to know the highest and best for our planet; to know that all nations are healed of the sickness and strife being reported: for the leaders of all countries, states, provinces, counties, towns, boroughs, and villages to be guided by Divine Wisdom; to affirm the perfect health, abundant wealth, joyous relationships, and unique, full self-expression for all our families, loved ones, neighbors, and strangers with whom we come into contact; and, that we include ourselves in knowing that same Truth.

May your evening be filled with love, joy, harmony, and peace. “See” you later this evening?

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,

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