What Is There To Fear?

Are you worried about COVID-19? We are being faced with a global situation, one that refuses to be ignored. It certainly seems like we should be a bit apprehensive at the very least.

But not all concerns have this kind of urgency. David Ault recently wrote,

Overthinking is the art of creating problems that aren’t even there.

David’s words reminded me of the woman who was having reoccurring nightmares. She dreamed she was being chased by a huge, ugly monster. In her dreams the monster seemed to get closer, run faster, and increase in size each night.

As she fell asleep on one particular night the dream began all over again. This time the monster chased her down a dark, smelly alley. Closer and closer he got to her until she ran out of alley. Turning, she faced him lumbering toward her, a satisfied smile on his large mouth. As he crouched over her she could smell the stench of his breath as his warm, thick saliva struck her cheek, jagged teeth just inches from her eyes.

“What are you going to do to me?” she screamed.

Abruptly the monster stood up to his full height, taking an uncharacteristically, tentative step back from her. A puzzled look spread over his face as he looked off into the distance as if to be seeking the answer to her query from somewhere far, far away.

Finally, he looked down at her, shrugged, and somewhat annoying said, “Hell if I know, lady. It’s your damn dream!”

And this, my beloveds, is exactly what is at the core of so very many of our problems. Overthinking our futures right now doesn’t begin to describe what we are doing in the midst of COVID-19. Does this mean our concerns are not valid?

Absolutely not. The bus with no brakes careening toward us is a real fear and we must act immediately. But the monsters we create in our dreams are not real. We cannot allow them to rule our lives and ruin what happiness we have.

As we move forward in this time in our lives, let us commit to ourselves to deal with the issues of in front of us. Let us love one another, love ourselves, and know the universal principles upon which we live our lives are ones we can trust. This too shall pass … and most likely a lot sooner than if we stayed frozen in fear.

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