This Too Shall Pass

Are you ready to be done with COVID-19 and get on with your life? You’re not alone. Just about everyone we talk to has a story of how it’s disrupted their life. Often these stories are tragic.

While we could ponder all the reasons why first world nations seem indignant to be dealing what they consider to be third world problems, let’s go another direction.

I remember the first time I heard a 12-Step sponsor tell me, “This too shall pass.” Papa Joe, as we called him, was responding to a litany of issues the I had dumped on his kitchen table over coffee. All he said, after an unusually long draw on his cigarette, was, “This too shall pass.”

I was angry. Why wasn’t Papa Joe giving me the answers, coddling me? Then I remembered that Papa Joe, though unafraid to share his love in hugs, wasn’t the source of my answers. And, he wasn’t much into coddling. He didn’t see me as a victim; he saw me as empowered and capable, even if I didn’t recognize it at the time.

He was right, of course. All situations in our lives will, at some point, pass. This applies to those events we judge as bad and those we celebrate as good. With so much tragedy being experienced in our lives right now, even noticing how someone else’s eyes are smiling at us above his mask can make everything a bit better, even if only for a moment. Rejoice in those moments. Finding joy in life again will strengthen us for the challenges ahead, both those immediately before us and in the future.

Yes, COVID-19 and all its related problems will eventually pass. Until then, it’s critical to celebrate each and every joy we have in the moment. Finding the joys in life, sharing them, and celebrating them with others will not only lift our spirits but it will encourage others as well.

This, too, shall pass. In the meantime, we have each other upon which to rely. Perhaps you’ll join me and reaching out today to someone you haven’t already contacted. By being the support for others, our actions will open the door of the universe to supplying our every need, just like it always does when we allow it to do so.

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