When Will This Be Over?

Mt. Santis, Switzerland

Are you wondering when the COVID-19 pandemic will be over? It’s a difficult question to answer given the wide range of information you and I can find on the Internet.

The answer I’ve found is this: I don’t know and I don’t believe anyone does.

In spite of our concerns, the answer is far less important than how we are living day-to-day. Perhaps you have been quarantined for two or more weeks. People are getting antsy and for good reason. Most of us aren’t used to being home for long periods of time. Or, in my personal situation, used to being home for long periods of time with two other men 24/7!

The novelty of our quarancations is wearing off for many of us. It’s perfectly normal to wonder what our future holds but worrying about it doesn’t do us any good under the best of circumstances, and certainly not in the shadow of COVID-19.

Here are a few things my family and I are doing to help us stay busy:

  • Evening news for a half hour, but not spending hours watching CNN or investigating every “ping” we get on our mobile devices.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO EATING DURING A NEWS CAST! (Okay, so I pretty much don’t allow that anyway, but it’s especially important now.)
  • Focus on today – Learn from the past, plan for the future (regardless of how uncertain that may be), and live in the moment.
  • Treasure those in your family – blood and extended. It’s easy in close quarters for long periods of time to have disagreements, frequently based on issues from the past we haven’t yet released. Be kind.
  • Laugh – a lot, preferably together. Two of us in our family are at very high risk according to the most recent medical guidance, so I’m careful not to joke about something that has killed thousands. However, having said that, Randy Rainbow and Mrs. Betty Bowers certainly lighten my life … frequently.
  • Get outside – we took a walk together recently, something we haven’t done for a long, long time. We’re able to work in the yard now. I’m getting May yardwork done now since I’m not traveling nearly as much as usual.
  • Are there any Bucket List items you could mark off your list while you’re at home? My Spanish vocabulary is improving immensely (Thank you, Duolingo!) and I’m learning to write the Arabic alphabet.
  • Clean. Everything. Everywhere. Cleaning is my go-to action whenever I’m feeling stuck. Removing that which no longer serves us signals to the universe we are ready to fill the void with our good.
  • Along with cleaning and a Bucket List, consider creating a Fuck It List. What are you no longer willing to put up with in your life? What isn’t working anymore? When was the last time you cleaned up your contact lists on your mobile device or computer?

That’s life currently at Thistle Knoll, our home in south central Pennsylvania. I’d love to hear what other things you’re doing so I can pass them along – or do them myself!

Above all, care for yourself and your loved ones. It’s okay to get mad or feel sad about this pandemic, but don’t linger there too long. Our bodies are having natural reactions to unnatural conditions … big time. You and I must be gentle with ourselves and suggest to our egos to take their own quarancations … far, far away from us.

Be well, stay in touch, and know that this too shall past. Perhaps not as fast as you and I would like, but together we’ll get through this.

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,

Ready for my day job!

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