Who Do You Want To Kiss?

How are you doing this week in the midst of the worldwide pandemic? Wow – who would have thought we’d be asking that question even a few months ago?

Whether you are going stir crazy or enjoying your “quarancation,” you and I are living through a unique, albeit dreadful, time. We can choose to play the blame game, watch endless loops of repeated or conflicting information, or think about all the things we can’t do.

Or …

You and I can use this time to re-connect with who we are in the core of our being. Because I work out of my home about half the month anyway, I’m not feeling the kind of changes some of you might be experiencing. I am, however, having to get used to having my partners at home 24/7! If nothing else, we’re able to enjoy full meals together. We’re eating “real food” each evening for dinner, something that normally happens once a week, if that.

If you are a touchie-feelie, huggie-kissie person like yours truly, our social distancing is probably affecting you in ways it might not affect others. I choose the weekly quotes a month in advance, and it appears Spirit knew the one below is perfect for this week.

Stay safe. Keep positive. Know that this too shall pass but keep in touch with those you love now.

P.S. Why is washing our hands properly the lead story everywhere like that’s new information?!?!?

In Spirit, Truth and Playfulness,

Spiritual Mind Treatment for the Week of March 23, 2020

A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.

Ingrid Bergman

There is one life, one presence, one power. That power is the presence of love. Out of the love of expression Spirit created me as its unique expression. I am love in form.

I speak this word knowing that divine intelligence and universal power move through and as me. I speak with those qualities whenever I communicate. I think before I “send.” I listen before I speak. I seek to understand instead of being understood.

I know that everyone in my life, either briefly or for decades, has been drawn here magnetically by me … even if I do not understand why or choose not to admit it. I remember that my presence alone anywhere I am is enough. The presence of others around me is enough. Our love, intention, and empowered thoughts are expressed with or without words, and often better without speech.

I release this word into the universe for manifestation and remembrance. Through divine mind I know all there is necessary for me to know, but it does me well to remember that. I allow myself to be guided and directed to the highest expression of who I am, through thought, word, and action.

I am grateful my word is power and accomplishes my desire. I give thanks for this recognition. And So It Is.

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