Whine, and Puhl, and Piss, and Moan

Yesterday I allowed myself a “Whine and Puhl* and Piss and Moan” day, including watching two romantic movies with sad, unresolved endings. The day culminated by going to bed without even saying goodnight to my partners and then sleeping 11 hours.

I’m not afraid to share this rather “less-than-the-perfect-example” many spiritual leaders might not if it serves a purpose. It amazes me when leaders of all kinds are afraid to admit they, too, might be scared, have some major issues that bother them, don’t have an answer to make everything better, or make up some cockamamie response delivered in with a condescending, patronizing tone.

WE ARE ALL HUMAN! This should NOT be a newsflash. Americans and people in many first world nations are living through quarantines, isolation, and empty shelves at the market for the very first time. Our bodies are reacting exactly as they are supposed to do. In other words, you and I are having a natural reaction to an unnatural event, an event that is likely not to resolve itself next week.

These are trying times, even for those of us who have a regular spiritual practice and are normally the stabilizing factor in many difficult situations. If someone around you is down be as kind and supportive as you can. You don’t have their answers and you’re not supposed to. There are only five, simple words we can use to support one another now and in the future:  How can I support you.” If you need help yourself, reach out to those you love and trust.

Be gentle with yourself and all those around you. You are loved!

*Puhl: to take complaining and worry to an art level deserving of an Oscar, Emmy, Tony, and various other awards; see: kvetch.

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