Who Are You?

Have you answered that childhood question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I know seniors who are still struggling with it.

Part of our desire to live our lives one way or the other has to do with the rules that society and marketing bombard us with on a daily basis. To get this (whatever “this” is today) we must do that or buy those. But no product will change the core feelings we have about ourselves.

Marie Forleo recently interviewed author Glennon Doyle about her new book, “Untamed.” Doyle speaks to this in a quote I tweeted out last week:

You can never get enough of what you never needed.

I hope you re-read that quote a few times. I was listening to Marie’s podcast (#333 if you want to look it up) and stopped what I was doing to write it down. Thought-provoking. Succinct. Moving.

To be who we are – what we want to be when we grow up – is usually the essence of what we were as children. Doyle suggests we think about what made us happy as a child, and then tell a story to ourselves about what memories still move us today. That’s probably what we still want to be today.

As someone who has re-invented himself numerous times, I can tell you this is not an easy task to leave the security of what you’re doing and leap into the unknown. But I can also share with you that the satisfaction of being who I am outweighs everything and everyone I left behind.

As you may have already heard, “You’ve suffered long enough. Are you ready to try something else?”

Are you? I trust that you are already on the perfect path of an unfolding and amazing life. If I can support you on the way, please let me know!

Spiritual Mind Treatment for the Week of March 16, 2019

Life is a succession of moments. To live each one is to succeed.

Corita Kent

There is one life. That life is God. That life is my life. The universal consciousness that cause thought to be form formed me. I am that power in action.

I speak this word knowing the power of the universe is at my disposal. What I think becomes my reality. What I say forms my experience. What I do allows me to work with infinite intelligence in new and effective ways.

I stay focused on the moment I am living. The past is gone, the future not yet here, so the present is what I need to appreciate. It is perfect even if it does not fit my picture or my grand scheme. I look for the joy, the blessing, and the fulfillment which comes being present for myself and others at all times.

I release this word into universal law for complete and immediate manifestation. I love this moment in my life. For this I give thanks. And So It Is.

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