How to Find Your Sweet Spot

So much about living life fully is about balance, don’t you agree? The same technology intended to save us time can become a new burden. It’s difficult at best to juggle career, relationships, health, and personal pursuits.

The quote for this week is by Joseph Addison. He recommends four qualities for success in life:

Perseverance – Almost no one is an “overnight success.” Ignorance of what people are doing is only corrected when they come into our sphere of consciousness. Persevering in following our dreams and working toward our goals is crucial for our success.

Experience – While it may feel like it, we never fail. Either we learn or we succeed. Along the road to our success may be learning experiences that are embarrassing and possibly painful. It’s our choice to wallow in self-pity or learn from our mistakes and carry on.

Caution – You might ask why caution is necessary if the universe is always there to support us. That’s a good question! The caution comes more in pulling back our ego so that it doesn’t run rough shod all over us. Caution can also be patience in allowing our relationship goals, financial prosperity, or most other desires to unfold in Divine Right Timing.

Hope – One of Ernest Holmes’ snarkiest comments is about how hope is better than despair, but pales in the face of faith. While Faith will get us passed many obstacles, it’s little sister, Hope, will make our transition from angst and worry to that firm foundation that only faith can provide.

I hope some of these thoughts will help you as you continue into our new year and decade. Use them to redirect yourself should you feel off course.

Spiritual Mind Treatment for the Week of January 13, 2020

If you wish to succeed in life, make perseverance your bosom friend, experience your wise counselor, caution your elder brother, and hope your guardian genius.

 Joseph Addison

There is one Life. That Life is Spirit. I am one with Spirit and all I see around me.

I speak this word with authority, with conviction, and with power. My success is assured. The universe supports me in all my endeavors. My relationships, health, prosperity, and full self-expression are all areas in which I see the power of Spirit acting on my behalf.

I persevere in my progress toward my goals. I know in the Mind of God my desires are already fulfilled. I stay focused and confident as human time catches up to Divine Right Timing. I appreciate the wisdom of the universe as emulated by those around me. I draw on this power but use caution should I catch my ego trying to figure out all the details.

My hope and my faith are foundation cornerstones of my life and success. I release my word into the universe knowing it returns to me fulfilled. I am grateful and now let these words go. And So It Is!

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