Dear America:We Have a Problem!

Who doesn’t want to rid themselves of the persistent problems? Sure, humans thrive on a certain amount of problems and challenges; overcoming an obstacle is empowering. But isn’t enough enough at some point?

Much like the rest of the world, the United States of America is divided. Don’t buy into the rhetoric that this is the first time this has happened. Watch film footage of the civil rights movement in this country. The hatred and anger back then look very much like some political rallies today. In a sense, our situation today is like global warming. It’s not a case of whether or not it exists. The problem is what are going to do about it?

My first choice before acting on any situation is to turn to the method of affirmative prayer called Spiritual Mind Treatment. Like any of our prayers and meditations, treatment is only as effective as we allow it to be. The universal law of cause and effect is a simple principle, but often not easy to put into practice. Yes, we pray. We meditate. But what actions are we taking?

Do our actions lead to a healing of the division in this country or the world? Look at our own bodies as an example. When we are sick or diseased in some way, a pill or medical procedure can alleviate our pain and suffering. Once we start feeling better, we say we are healed.

What happens, though, when we continue the same life practices and mental attitudes that got us sick in the first place? We get sick again. The healing didn’t last long. Why is that?

It’s because we have expected a simple answer to a complex problem. The weak, uneducated, and lazy crave a savior – heavenly or earthly – to solve all their problems. You and I know we can’t change our society solely on the election of another leader. No woman or man is going to change attitudes, biases, prejudices, and hatreds by getting elected to public office.

We have to be willing to tackle the inter-relatedness of our world, our country, our local communities, and our families if we want to heal the disease of divisiveness. That’s messy. Sometimes very messy.

In one of his more lucid moments, the Apostle Paul told Christians in the city of Corinth that he taught them simply, like giving milk to an infant. He said they were not ready for real food.

It’s time now to stop being infants in our lives and communities. We must grow up, eat the real food, and tackle the real problems. Wait … real problems?

That’s an interesting phrase, since Ernest Holmes taught that our problems are only as real as we make them. We would be wise to consider this thought carefully. How real do we want the strife and unrest in our world to be? Yes, I know it’s in our face constantly. That makes the horrific events more than a little difficult to see as anything but real.

And I get that. Truly. I get discouraged by what I see in the news at times, just like you might. I find myself tired of looking for answers and not seeing any before me. I get angry at the pictures I see of racial and gender profiling; of a father and daughter who died on the bank of a river trying to seek refuge; or, yet one more incomprehensible tweet that is a clear demonstration of ignorance, stupidity, and racism. I’m outraged at the lies I hear coming from the weak and frightened who would have us believe they are powerful.

Then, I get a good night’s rest. I awaken refreshed and give thanks that I am alive. I go within my own mind to show my gratitude for the many blessings I have. I appreciate that I live by a teaching which guarantees there is an answer, not because some politician will produce it, but that there is a universal intelligence – call it God, Spirit, Divine Love, or Fred if you want – that knows how to do what needs to be done.

What needs to be done will not be done for us. It will be done through us. You and I have chosen to be here on planet Earth at this time in history. We may question the wisdom of that at times, but nonetheless we are here. We can cower in the corner or get mad at other people who we want to blame.

Or, we can take responsibility, not for the world first, but for ourselves. This is not selfishness. As you and I selflessly apply to ourselves the principles by which we claim others are not living we ensure we are doing all that we can do. We empower each other by our actions which, granted, may sometimes be the result of our anger and outrage.

Never – not ever – think that you and I don’t make a difference. It may seem like it when all we get is personal satisfaction in knowing we are contributing to the solution. Together you and I are healing the injustices around us by our actions.

You and I must be the change. You and I will not look for another leader to fix our problems with a quick cure. Why? Because you and I are the healing. I love you for doing what you do. I promise to do what is mine to do.

Happy Birthday, America – our precious country, still learning to be the land of the free for everyone and home of the brave who embrace love, honor, dignity, and respect for all life.

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