Rampages of Appreciation

How often do you get excited about something that has happened in your life?

Think about that. (I’ll wait.)

(Still waiting … don’t just read the blog … get a thought or two about that question, please?)

Got it?

Good. Now, tell me:  Was that excitement about something wonderful or about a tragedy, problem, or current challenge?

Sadly, it may have been the latter. While the evening news may touch on an act of kindness at the very end of the program (and kudos to them if they do), we seldom if ever hear about good news at the top of the hour.

Tragedy sells.

Mass murder sells.

Advertisers know we are statistically more likely to stay glued to the screen watching those stories (and then stay to watch the commercials), than we are to watch a feel-good segment.

If we are not careful, we can get sucked into the psychology of marketing in our daily lives. With disturbing news all around us we must consciously direct our minds to seek out the good. We are challenged to notice the so-called small things, which are often the truly important and significant parts of our lives.

I invite you to participate with me in “rampages of appreciation!” We certainly know how to rant and rave about all the negativity in the world. Why not kick our attitudes up a notch or two and start a rampage or two about the great things happening in our lives; about how great that two-hour nap was; what our most recent wins have been; or, acknowledge the people most important in our lives who daily support our madness and genius?

This term, rampages of appreciation, comes from the entities known as Abraham, while speaking through Esther Hicks. They noted we can lie in our beds and visualize the changes we desire. This is basic metaphysics and no great revelation of merit. But what they said next may be the clincher for how we can have more of the lives we desire:

“You just can’t be too concerned with who gets the credit.”

Wow. Think about that. How many times have we gotten exactly what we wanted, or something better, but discounted the win because the answer came from someone we didn’t want to hear it from? Or, our manifestation and joys dropped in our laps in a way we weren’t quite ready for?

We need to be appreciative of our gifts, our joys, our happiness, and all the great things that happen in our daily lives – no matter how they appear and through whom. And then, with all the energy we may have given in the past to what’s wrong in life, blast into our day with rampages of appreciation of all the good we deserve.

This week I am challenging everyone who posts a negative item (meant to shock, not educate or find a solution), to post THREE positive, uplifting, and encouraging ones. Join me?

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