Are You Ticked Off?

It’s Your Life – What Are You Doing With It?

“What would your life be like if all obstacles that seem to be stopping you from being magnificent were removed?” This is a question I use in my current talk when I share my musings on the subject with congregations and groups. Very few people have a quick answer to the question. Why?

Because it’s easier to identify the problem than the solution. In other words, it’s focusing on what we think is stopping us from achieving our desires that keeps us stuck.

In today’s world we see so much of what we don’t want that we end up with spiritual constipation. The solution for this in our spiritual lives is identical to the counterpart in our physical lives. When my Grandma Esther had that problem she’d proclaim, “What I need it to do is  get me a good high colonic!”

And she would.

Will you if you need it? I did recently. My “spiritual clean-out” came in February of this year. It was in the form of two very different retreats, one in a group and one on my own. Since then I have made significant changes in my personal and professional life, though few people realize it. What is the result?

I’ve never been happier in my life than I am today. I’m serious. I’m not just saying that and I’m not bragging or anything. My life is working even better than I imagined it ever could. It’s not because I’m something special or have a secret weapon of some sort. I’m trying not to be surprised, but dang! – Spirit does good work when I let it do its thing!

I want this for you, too. It’s not a gift we have to work for, as if to receive an award. There’s a power within you that has the strength to accomplish your desires. It carries out your direction in marvelous, creative ways you might have never thought of. All we must do is accept what is already ours, instead of pretending we aren’t awesome.

My friend, colleague, and fellow author, Jacob Glass, wrote this in his latest book, The Crabby Angels No Bullshit Guide to Peace, Love and Prosperity:

Oh, now that was a wonderful day of all the right doors opening at just the right time in the right ways. And it all happened so effortlessly and magically. Thank you. More of that please.

Yes! MORE of that, please! But you already know this, don’t you? If you’re reading this blog, you aren’t satisfied to sit on the sidelines watching while others play. You aren’t about to go about pissing and moaning about aches and pains, the latter being in your body or applicable to someone in your life.

You’re up for the challenge that so much of the world is not willing to accept. And what is that?

It’s that consciously or unconsciously you have or are ready to make the decision to take charge of your life in some new and empowering way. What’s stopping you from being magnificent? Not a damn thing. Go for it!

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