Jesus, Take the Wheel!

Photographer: Daniela Cuevas

Is It Time to Let Go of Something … or Someone? How many times in say, oh, I don’t know, the past three years or so have you said, “I can’t take this anymore!” Once? Twice? Monthly? DAILY?!?

We are living in interesting times, no doubt about that. My late friend, the Rev. Helen Street, used to say that “interesting” was defined as, “GOD, I hope I live through this!”

You don’t have to do it all. You are not here to save the world single-handedly. I realize some people (myself included at times) will be surprised at that statement. If not us, then who? It’s true:  We must do what is ours to do. But what is it that we are to “do?”

This is where the “Jesus, Take the wheel!” comes in, which is the title of the popular Carrie Underwood song. There are times that those of us who are spiritual, but not religious, may need to practice a little of what my friend, Marie, calls, “knee praying.”

This isn’t about getting into position to beg an anthropomorphic old man in the sky to fix our problems. But, the act of humbling oneself – physically kneeling or not – is a signal to universal law that we are ready, willing, and able let divine right action occur in our lives.

The “how” is not our concern. We must define the “what” as clearly and concisely as possible when we treat, pray, or meditate. Then after choosing the direction – and only then – can we release our desires or problems into the universe for action, to take the wheel.

Choose your direction. Have faith that there is a power greater than you that already knows how to accomplish what you desire. Let whatever or whomever you recognize as your higher power to literally take the wheel. You’ll have the ride of your life and arrive at the perfect time, ready for the blessings and rewards of your destination.

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