You Are TOO Kind!

We can allow ourselves to be trampled on by idiots who are out to use us or submit to passive aggressive a-holes, but that’s not a result of being too kind. It’s the result of not respecting ourselves and willingly allowing others to abuse us.

I don’t believe we can be “too kind.”

Again … NOT a result of our kindness!

There is no such thing as being too kind. If someone tells us we’re kind, it’s one of the best compliments we can receive.

It really is so easy to be kind. It takes very little effort to put into practice, and fun to figure out new ways to show kindness to others. The result is a surprising amount of appreciation for the people around us. What we might view as a small kindness a person can mean the world to them. Simple acts of kindness have prevented suicides.

Think about that.

So, what stops us from being kind? Absolutely nothing more than our self-centered, fear-based ego. If we’re men we might feel being kind makes us feel weak or (GASP!) looking feminine. News flash to any homophobic straight dudes reading this (both of you) – being able to be the man you are means being kind, and has the added effect of being a major plus point to any woman you’re trying to impress. But I digress….

We need to get our egos out of the way. We must stop putting ourselves in the place where we’re going to be taken advantage of. In other words, stop casting your pearls before swine, at work or at home. There are so many rewards for this. The more we recognize our own worth the more we receive the respect we all deserve.

As we are kinder in life, others become kinder in dealing with us. It’s almost as if what we focus on increases!

Imagine that….

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