Self-care as activism

I know you’re a good person. And, you’re in good company. Good people all over the world today are getting involved in spiritual/social activism. Spiritually-minded and religious individuals are waking up and speaking out in favor of love, equality, joy, cooperation, and communication.

But what about us individually? As the old saying goes (and no, it wasn’t Ben Franklin who said it!, “God helps those who help themselves.” What are you doing about taking care of you? Sadly, we can easily end up putting our needs at the bottom of the list or on the back burner.

Everyone alive has individual vital needs. What are yours? You might want to give that question some thought and then move forward with a specific plan of action to make sure those vital needs are fulfilled. As an example, here is a list of mine (in no particular):

  • Touch
  • Financial security
  • Personal time
  • Movement
  • Humor
  • Spirituality
  • Unstructured time

I encourage you to come up with no more than seven, then incorporate them into your daily routine. Why? Because having our vital needs recharges us, energizes us, and fulfills us. And, when we have the energy we need to live happy, productive lives, we are going to be far more effective in our service to others.

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